“It’s not possible to be courageous if you are not afraid.  Courage doesn’t happen without fear; it happens in spite of fear.  The word courage derives from coeur, the French for ‘heart.’  True courage happens only when we face our fear and choose to act anyway, out of love.” — Julia Butterfly Hill

When you get right down to it, there are only two basic energies in the universe – love and fear.  Lots of people over lots of millennia have come up with lots of names for these two basic energies.

Both are a part of our humanity.  On any given day we all can experience love and fear.  Sometimes consciously, sometimes not. I had a woman tell me she wasn’t afraid of a damn thing!  That spoke volumes.  Maybe what she meant was she is aware of her fears, finds her courage and faces them?  Or, maybe she is in total denial?  Who knows?

Sometimes we are afraid of love.  An old song asks the question:  “How many times can a heart be broken  before it refuses to mend?”  We humans attempt to avoid pain – emotional, as well as physical pain.  It takes courage to open our hearts and love one more time – and the next – and the next.

It seems to me one of the basic lessons here on this Earth is to learn to “face our fear and choose to act anyway, out of love.”


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