Parallel Realities

3d_393[1]Parallel Realities

Did you ever stop to consider we are all living in parallel realities all the time.  This isn’t science fiction or a new scientific theory.  It’s the way life is.

We each create our own reality from our personal experiences and from the choices we make as we journey through life.  My sister and I were raised in the same household.  Our stories about those years are totally different.  We existed in different realities.  How many times have you experienced something with a friend.  You talk about it afterward and it’s as though you had two very different experiences.  I’ve learned from my study of astrology just how differently we each view the world.  The lens through which we see the world has many colors and shapes.

So, just for a minute, let’s assume we are living in parallel realities.  Is it any wonder then that relationships are such a trip?  Or, working in a team or for an employer?  Or, learning something new? Or, world peace?

I’m writing this sitting here in my reality.  This is making perfect sense to me.  You are sitting there reading this in your reality.  You may be wondering if I’ve totally lost it.  Or, if our realities are similar, you may think I’m not completely wacko.

Learning to let go of our belief that there is only one way – one reality – makes room – helps us expand – so we can truly listen to the other.  We don’t have to become the other in order to listen with love.

Historically, most religions have been the enemy of peace on earth. Many of them have a fundamental  my way or the highway teaching – they purposefully create division.  To them the concept of parallel realities is foreign.   I’m still truly amazed that some have existed for so very long.  Maybe the reason is many people are so starved for love they just want to be a part of something?  Or, maybe it’s the fear of death – or what may come after death?  It’s very sad that powerful men over time have exploited these human fears.

Back to parallel realities.  Peace – inside and out here on this Earth – can come about.  It’s possible.  The thing is – we have to make room for each other and our different realities.  There is no right way or wrong way.  There are only different ways.

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2 Responses to Parallel Realities

  1. DougDoesLife says:

    I don’t think you’re wacko… Maybe that makes us both then? “One light, many candles” is a quote I try to live by in all aspects of my life… Hugh Everett III and his many worlds theory is a big influence in how I see life.

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