The Only Thing I Have to Fear is Me

artworks-000030947287-2s9tye-original[1]The Only Thing I Have to Fear Is Me

The only thing you have to fear is you.  Remember the FDR quote “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  This is a little different twist on that idea.

I don’t believe there are evil forces at work in the world.  There is only us – human beings – screwing up, falling on our face, hurting ourselves and other people, learning, growing.

Karma – what I do is what I get – or words to that effect.  I’m walking down a street at night and another human being attacks me and hurts me.  Why me, why right now?  Like attracts like.  Who am I wanting to hurt – maybe emotionally, maybe physically?  Or, maybe I feel I’ve harmed another and deserve some sort of punishment?

I lose my job.  I’m downsized – what a lousy word.  Why me.  Why not the person at the desk beside me.  Was I sitting there convinced I was going to be the next one?  The Universe gives us what we desire.  Maybe financially was I pretty set and not really wanting to be there.  People get love from lack – ole poor me – will you feel sorry for me now?  Lots of people self sabotage.  I could go on with other examples.  You get the idea.

Conscious or not, our thoughts create our world.

Now, this is an idea that is not very popular – especially with people who have lots of difficulties in their lives.  If you are reading this and thinking this woman is full of it!  Then I ask you – how do you think you will ever get out of the place you seem to be in?  Do you think its fate?  Your cross to bear this time through?  Or, will you consider – just for a moment – if you change, so will the world around you?  Andrew Cohen – “Everybody wants to be enlightened but nobody wants to change.”  How very true.  We oftentimes cling to the status quo, even if it brings us pain.

We are a field of limitless possibilities.  The Universe/Spirit/God/Creator/Whatever word you like – gives us exactly what we ask for.  Some people say we are co-creators.  This concept has been taught by many – most – traditions over the ages.  We create our reality.  Simple and magical as that.  Life is incredibly easy.

The question then becomes what reality am I creating?  In our society many beings want to remain children.  They don’t believe their life is up to them.  Consider taking some time today and thinking about what you are creating in your life.  Love or Fear?

The only thing you have to fear is your own conscious/unconscious thoughts and actions.

Wow!  Think how powerful you are.  Is that awesome or what?


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9 Responses to The Only Thing I Have to Fear is Me

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  6. DougDoesLife says:

    Good post Pat. I know firsthand people don’t want to hear that their circumstances were created by themselves… It’s easier to place the blame elsewhere.

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