A Theory of Life

the-final-journey[1]A Theory of Life

Notice I didn’t say the theory of life – just a theory – mine for today.  All theories need a formula.  Here’s mine:

Seeing –> Accepting –> Choosing –> Learning = Wisdom and Joy

I’ve learned a lot from studying astrology.  It helps me see more clearly – myself and others.  It’s not the only way to clear seeing – it is simply a way.  It also has helped me to accept at a deeper level.  Accept myself, you, the human journey – this lifetime and all lifetimes.  I suppose that’s why it has stood the test of time?  I know many – most? – people think its new age nonsense.  It is a profound, symbolic teaching.  And, clearly not for everyone.

So, by whatever means, seeing clearly is the first step.  I would add – seeing clearly with/as love.  One of the pitfalls of clear seeing is judgment and criticism.  Here you are going along in a programmed state – something happens in your life and you get a clear view for a nano second.  Now, you think you’re some sort of enlightened being.  Wrong.  But, you don’t know that at the time.  From your new, clear seeing, enlightened state you now can see everything that’s wrong with me, you and the whole universe.  You just fell into the first hole in the road on the way to wisdom.  Might take a while – eventually you’ll  see – really see.  You’ll know when you are there – it’s a very humbling experience and leads to a certainty that you don’t know a damn thing – and, that you are clearly not enlightened.  Just a pilgrim on the path.  This is the voice of experience talking here!

Now that I clearly see – next comes acceptance.  Accepting myself  as I am – and you as you are – and, the world as it is.  We are unique beings and the same being – all at once.  Acceptance doesn’t mean passivity.  Acceptance does have a lot to do with peace inside – and, out here in the world.

Ok, I see clearly and I accept the world as it is.  Now what?  Well, now I’m standing on solid ground.  Free will exercised from this ground is powerful.  From this place Choice is a force in my life.  If I choose before I can see clearly and before I can accept life as it is, then my choices may not lead to my desires – I may not even know what my desires are.  Here I see, accept what I can change and what I can’t change, know my deepest desires, find my courage and Choose.  Spirit/Universe/Creator/God/Your Own Word
gets a clear message – here we go!

So, I tried something new – a new course in life – a new belief – a new person or place.  Did it work out or not?  Even if it didn’t bring us what we had hoped for, so long as we see life as an opportunity to learn – one long, happy, adventurous road – it really doesn’t matter whether it turned out as we envisioned up front.  What matters is we had the experience and we learned.

Conscious experience brings us wisdom and joy.   When I think about my life – it brings a smile to my face.  What a ride!  At the time of some of my more intense experiences, I may not have been able to say that.  From this vantage point, I’m grateful for the whole bizarre, sometimes chaotic, ride.  Think back over your own life.  Where were the lessons and did they ultimately lead to wisdom and joy?  If not, I wonder why?

Life is dynamic.  Here I stand a wiser soul in some way.  The beginning of a new cycle – as a different being – a different view.  New things to see clearly, accept, choose and learn.  And, so it goes – on and on through our lives – through many lives, if you believe in reincarnation.

I was explaining my theory to a woman one day and she didn’t like it all.  I think it touched anger – or fear –  in her.  She wants to believe she can get there in this lifetime, rest and not have to do any more work – ever.  Well, who knows, maybe that will work for her?

Is your life the great adventure – new things to see – new wisdom and joy to experience – cycle after cycle after cycle – never ending discoveries?

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