Game On!

chronamut_cosmic-heart-of-the-universe[1]Game On

We humans love to play games – everything from football to chess.  We play card games, board games, video games, psychological games, social games, religious games, occult games, news media games – add your favorite.

Nothing wrong with games.  We discover our creativity – learn strategy – gain knowledge  and maybe even become a wiser soul.  My mind loves to play games.

Years ago there was a phrase that stuck in my head.  Game on!  This has to do with psychological games we all play.  The argument begins – he said the one thing he knows pushes my major buttons.  Do I let it go or not?  Naw – not today. So, I say the one thing that I know pushes all of his buttons.  Game on!  Nobody wins and we both know that going in.  Winning the game is an impossibility. I wonder why we play?

It’s the beginning of the holiday season.  Talk about games!  Lots of additional activity at the exact time of the year when nature rests.  I wonder why we don’t rest, too? Parties, gifts to buy – maybe we have the money and maybe we don’t.  I wonder why we buy stuff – especially if it is a financial burden? Lots of food and/or alcoholic beverages flowing.  Sometimes we drink too much and have regrets later or just plain feel bad.  I wonder why?  All games.

There is a recent movie with a tag line – play or be played.  Is that why?  We believe if we don’t play – we get played – taken advantage of or end up doing even more stuff we really don’t want to do?

I guess we each have our own way of enjoying the holiday season.  No right or wrong.  My point is to be sure you are enjoying the holiday season.  Is it game on and you are desperately trying to play?  Or, are you genuinely being with the people you love – doing what brings you joy?


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