Unbounded Potential

Cosmos_1[1]Unbounded Potential

You are unbounded potential sitting inside prison walls built by you.  The walls are built from shoulds, coulds and trying.  I should do this.  I could do that.  I’m just trying to make it all better or trying to get by.  We minimize our power – keep it contained.

Why do what I should?  Why not simply do what I want?  Several years ago I spent a lot of time identifying the shoulds in my life and set the intention to eliminate them.  I was pretty successful.  Then one day I realized I had replaced a lot of the shoulds with coulds.  Progress?  I suppose.  I still wasn’t doing what I wanted.  I needed a litmus test for my actions.

A very wise being advised I stop trying.  It was in the trying where I was going astray, he said.  How many of us live our lives trying – to be good enough – to do things so someone else will love us – to look good enough – to be smart enough – to be holy enough or spiritual enough – to have enough money or things?

When I can identify what I truly want and live from that space, I am fulfilling my destiny – stepping into my gifts and joyously sharing them.  It’s the ultimate win/win.  I’m having a really good time and someone out there in the world is benefitting from my actions.

Look around.  Where are the prison walls you have built from shoulds, coulds and trying?  You are a free being.  Consider – you can stop trying.  You can live from the unbounded potential that you are.

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