Cardinal Grand Cross 2013/2014

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imagesCAKC64DXCardinal Grand Cross of  2013/2014

Astrologers have been awaiting this planetary configuration for a while now.  A cardinal grand cross is a rare occurrence.  I’ll do my best to keep the astrology speak to a minimum and stick with the meaning.

A grand cross is formed when four planets are 90 degrees apart in the sky and is composed of two oppositions and four squares. This is a cardinal grand cross because  each of the four planets are in cardinal signs which means they initiate action – so a very active configuration.  We will be compelled to resolve four different areas of our lives:  our self-identity (Aries), relationships (Libra), home life (Cancer) and work (Capricorn).

Planets are in constant motion in the sky above us.  Sometimes they appear to move backwards due to the movement of the earth relative to the movement of the planet.  We call this apparent backward motion retrograde.  That’s why this grand cross sort of comes and goes into and out of configuration over the next several months.

The position of the planets in the sky is measured by degrees of a sign.  The closer these four planets get to the exact degree of the grand cross the more intense the transformational energy will be felt.  Here are the dates when they will be the most exact:

1.  December 27, 2013 through January 12, 2014 all four planets will be within 8 degrees of exact aspect with one another.

2.  April 20 – 24, 2014 they will be within 1 degree.  April 7 – May 14 within 8 degrees.

3.  There is also a total lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra on April 15, 2014.  It will last nearly an hour with the Moon turning dark red.  It will be visible from anywhere in North and South America.  Eclipses are the exclamation points – they enhance or ramp up planetary energies.

4.  Finally a solar eclipse at 8 degrees Taurus on April 29, 2014 may bring another wave of intensity.  Taurus is an Earth sign, so it may also bring some stability and calm as this grand cross begins to move out of aspect.

No planetary configuration is either harmful or helpful.  It all depends on how each of us responds to the energies at play.

Most astrologers feel this grand cross signals a very challenging time period for most of us.  As you can see from the above dates, the cross will form in December, 2013 and cycle out by May, 2014, with the most intense time period being April, 2014, followed by January, 2014.

This grand cross will bring us plenty of energy and lots of chances to make changes in our lives.  How we choose to use the energy or respond to it is the question for each of us.  To what extent are we mature enough to work with these energies?  How clearly do we see ourselves?

Since these planets are in cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, anyone with natal planets in those signs, especially the early degrees of those signs, will be more likely to feel the pull of this grand cross.  These cardinal signs initiate new phases of our development.  We may be pressured to make major internal and external changes.

This grand cross may cause the breakdown of long-standing patterns and help us rebuild those aspects of our life in a way that supports our higher good. Oppositions call for balance and integration.  Squares represent turning points.  We may feel scattered or drained until we learn how to focus and stay centered in what may feel like the midst of some sort of internal or external storm in our lives. What changes are asking to be made?  What patterns or beliefs are no longer in your highest good?

You may find meditation, spending time alone in contemplation or time in nature will help you stay centered and grounded as you negotiate your way through what may feel unsettling.

This is a cycle and will pass.  The purpose is to help us live a more authentic, joyful life.  To help us clean out our closet, let go of what no longer serves.  Where in our lives are we stuck, not happy, going through the motions?

Remember these planets are in the areas of Aries/Self – Libra/Relationships – Cancer/Home – Capricorn/Work.

Our ability to respond to what life brings in a way that is in our highest good is one of our greatest gifts.  Here we go – school’s in session.

Discovering Wisdom – The Book – available from Amazon here.

Large parts of this article are quoted from:

1.  2014 Riding the Rapids through the Heart of the Uranus – Pluto Square by Tem Tarriktar, Mountain Astrologer, December/January, 2014

2.  Gemini Full Moon by Stephanie Austin, Mountain Astrologer, December/January, 2014

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40 Responses to Cardinal Grand Cross 2013/2014

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  4. Cathy says:

    Hi Pat
    I was born july 6, 1980 at midnight in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m feeling lots of craziness since October last year and then again near the holidays and a residual since. Especially in areas in self and relationships. Can you help me?

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Cathy – Sorry it’s taken me a little while to reply. I’ve been out of town. I’ll take a look at your chart in the next day or so and will post an answer. Love, Pat

  5. Sue says:

    Hi Pat!
    I am so looking foward to the exciting changes from the Cardinal Grand Cross. I am an Aries with a Cancer Moon and have resigned from my full-time job effective next week. I am finally following my dream of never “working” again, but rather doing readings and giving workshops to empower others. I also will be caring for my elderly parents until they transition to the other side. I already feel much happier and I know that I will have no financial worries as I transition to my new life. Money will appear when and as it is needed as will numerous opportunites to spread light and love in the universe! Thanks for the great explanation of the Cross. True to my Aries nature, I am leaping into the future!

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Sue – I’ve talked to lots of people during this very energy filled time. Some, as you seem to be, are sort of riding the energy waves and wonderful, positive changes are coming their way. I believe the more awareness we have, the better able we are to step into the changing times in our lives, rather than going through them kicking and screaming. I’m happy for you that you are following your inner knowing. Love, Pat

  6. alexandria says:

    hello pat. =)
    i was looking for some insight on the affect of this celestial occurrence on my chart as well, but couldnt find a link to any services you offer. i feel like im really, really struggling to keep it together with all this planetary activity! new job, old relationships, uncomfortable home & re-establishing self. X) .my birthday is july 8th, 1983 at 12:50pm pst. cancer sun, libra rising, cancer mars, im going insane lol. see anything i should do/look out for/etc? thanks so much. ❤

    • alexandria says:

      omg & 222 has been following me everywhere! didnt even realize it, but post time staring right back at me ~ 2:22. X) *sigh*

      • mountainpat says:

        Hey, Again – Any time I see repeating numbers, I feel they are messages from other than this material world that I’m on the right track. Notice what you have been thinking or doing when you see these numbers. It’s an affirmation of sorts. I also go to numerology/Tarot. In the Tarot deck the trump cards go to 21. 22 is reduced to 4. (2 + 2 = 4). The 4 is the Emperor which represents the principle of personal power and leadership. He represents your ability to be responsible for your life style, career and personal life. It’s an important time to stay in your power and not abandon yourself in anyway, yet experience new opportunity.

        And, 222 would be reduced to 6. The 6 is The Lovers which represents relationship. In can indicate you are in a period of making choices about important relationships in your life.

        Sort of sounds like a similar message from your natal chart!

        Love, Pat

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Alexandria. You didn’t give me your place of birth. I assumed the Eastern US. That gives me a Libra rising chart. You have three natal planets in Cancer in the 10th house of career/destiny (Sun at 15 degrees, Mercury at 14 degrees and Mars at 6 degrees). Transiting Jupiter is at 14 degrees in that same 10th house. Transiting Pluto is at 13 degrees Capricorn in your 4th house of home/mother/nurturing/feelings/emotions in opposition to the three natal planets mentioned above. So strong home v career energy. The other two planets comprising the grand cross are Transiting Uranus in Aries in your 7th house of relationship and Transiting Mars in Libra in your 1st house of self. A strong self v. other energy. I can fully appreciate you have a lot going on in these four areas of your life.

      So, these four planets comprising the grand cross are all in aspect – affecting – your natal Sun, Mercury and Moon. Sun represents ego, will, self-expression; Mercury represents mind and thinking and Mars represents energy, drive, motivation passion and the warrior.

      When we put all that together it would seem you are likely experiencing a time when you are ready to express who you really are inside, maybe in a high energy, aggressive (Mars) way. And this newly felt need to be who you are is likely being expressed in the areas of self v. other – is this in balance in your life or are corrections needed? And, in the areas of home/mother/nurturing/feeling v. career/destiny. Again, is something out of balance or perhaps you are ready to be more authentic in these four areas of your life?

      This has nothing to do with the grand cross, I notice your transiting Saturn (the teacher) is in a wide aspect to your natal Venus (Goddess of Love, refined emotions, art, partnership and money.) It will be exact in December, 2014. To me this underscores whatever lessons are coming your way in the area of self v other, especially in close relationships or partnerships.

      All interesting. Now what? Think of it this way. The energies at play in your life right now are neither good nor bad. Also the planets cycle and this cycle will pass. The purpose is to bring to our conscious attention areas of our lives where we may not be living authentically. Where we aren’t really doing what we want. Where are changes needed that would be in your highest good? To the extent you can become honestly aware of these areas and can make the necessary changes, you will look back on this as a very productive, supporting time. To the extent you attempt to maintain the status quo or ignore what’s staring you in the face, you may go through this time kicking and screaming! The choice is yours.

      Hope that helped. I work as an astrologer. If you want to know more, email me at and I can give you the details.

      Love, Pat

  7. Jen says:

    Fascinating! I’m a Pisces that is making a HUGE life decision right now (as in, move to a different continent kind of decision) and just came across this phenomenon… I’m taking it as a sign to make the move, but am definitely going to take some time to do some soul searching before making the commitment…

    Any other insights/feedback you have would certainly be welcomed!

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Jen – I would have to see your entire chart to give you a good answer as to any insights concerning your chart and the grand cross.

      Just some food for thought (not related to the grand cross) – Transiting Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is in Pisces now – 7 degrees. You say your sun sign is Pisces. Neptune can cloud the facts, sometimes we don’t see clearly when it is in aspect to one of our natal planets. You say you are going to do some soul searching before making a commitment – I would also advise you check the facts, be sure you are seeing them clearly and honestly. Neptune is also associated with spirituality (not religion) and transcendence. That may factor into your decision in some way, too.

      I wish you well.

      Love, Pat

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  9. Liz says:

    Sorry Pat, time of birth is 11:49am in Chicago, IL

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  11. Liz says:

    Great explanation of the upcoming Cardinal Grand Cross. What does this mean for Leos who are looking for work?

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Liz – The grand cross does not touch any planets in Leo. So, from this one point on your chart it would be difficult to say how it might affect your job search. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Love, Pat

      • Liz says:

        Hi Pat,
        Thank you for your quick response. My birthdate is 7-25-68. Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Cancer. All these planets are in the 10th House. I am looking for a job and I am bracing myself for the Grand Cardinal Cross. Your thoughts?

      • mountainpat says:

        Hey, Liz – Been out of town, sorry for the late reply. What is your time and place of birth. I would need more information to give you a thoughtful answer. Love, Pat

      • Liz says:

        My time of birth is 11:49 am. Thank you!

  12. Melissa says:

    Jez, I’m in for a ride… Ascendant – Capricorn, moon -Scorpio, Sun-Cancer, mercury-Leo, Venus-Cancer, mars-Scorpio, Jupiter-Taurus, Saturn-Libra, Uranus-Cancer, Neptune-libra, Pluto-Leo, oh and my mid heaven is Scoripo. Whew!

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Melissa – Yes, it sounds like the grand cross will be active in your life. Remember, the energies are neither good or bad. It’s all in how you choose to respond to whatever comes your way. I wish you well. Love, Pat

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  14. someshastro says:

    Khagras Chandra Grahan/Total Lunar Eclipse on 15th April 2014 & Earthquake Prediction.

    I have posted an interesting article regarding Total Lunar Eclipse and Earthquake- Vedic Astrology View

  15. James says:

    Thank you for the details posted. I have Just experienced the most beautiful full moon in Hobart Tas aust 42 degrees south and was blessed with a beautiful night with some special light clouds framing the planets at times. I thank you again , love and blessings, James

  16. Anonymous says:

    Will this effect me more coz my ascendant and sun in Cancer 4.50 degrees?

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – Jupiter is in Cancer and was at 4 degrees July, 2013. Your ascendant also has a degree associated with it. Without seeing your entire natal chart, I really can’t answer your question. I don’t feel I have enough information, sorry. Thanks for reading my blog! Love, Pat

  17. cg says:

    What’s bizarre is that a similar type of “grand cross” will emerge on Apr 14 on the sky above Middle East and Europe – just one day before the first of those “blood moons” mentionned in some religious circles. I wonder if there will be a mutual influence between the two configurations.

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – I know the term “blood moons” and that’s about all. I did find a site that had a lot of information. Here is the link:
      As I said in the post, there is a total lunar eclipse on April 15, 2014. In Western astrology the grand cross would be in place for all. I’m not aware of any similar grand cross. It is true the planets come into orb or alignment slowly. Some astrologers use wider dates than those in my post. My suspicion is its the same grand cross. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for commenting and for reading! Love, Pat

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  19. SC says:

    Hi Pat. Thank you for sharing your perspective on this. Despite having studied astrology for a long time, sometimes when I see my charts being so activated by something like this, it’s easy to fall into a worry mindset. (Natally: My Mercury is at 13 Cap, plus my Moon/Mars are at 23 and 22 Libra and my Juno is at 27 Aries. So if the late April Cardinal Cross wasn’t all, the Ceres/Juno dance will be pulling in the Libra points of my chart. Transiting Chiron will also be squaring my natal nodes. And in my solar return for ’14, the transiting node at 28 Libra activates an exact square between moon and Venus.) To say I don’t know what to expect would be an understatement; hence I came across your words of wisdom during a late-night Googling session. Do you do consults? It would be nice to get your insight on a personal level.

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey, Well it sounds like you have good understanding of your chart. The thing to remember is it’s all energy. Neither good nor bad. All here to help us on our way. Our way home. The outcome is determined by us, our choices. To the extent we are awake, conscious and aware, astrology becomes less predictive. To the extent we are unaware and are riding the waves of whatever energy is at play, astrology is very predictive. You see. Astrology helps us see what energy is active, so we can make conscious choices. To the extent we are making conscious choices and learning from those choices – integrating the result of those choices into our lives – then to that extent as the various points in our chart are aspected, it may only be felt in a very mild way in our lives. The lesson has been learned. Only some fine tuning left to do.

      I do astrology consultations. On my home page at the top you will find a tab “Astrology Services” where you will find details. If you are viewing this on a mobile device, go to “Menu” and then “Astrology Services.”

      Thanks for reading and for commenting. Love, Pat

  20. LT says:

    Nice summary of a very busy sky. Also thank you for stating that “this is a cycle and will pass”. We often hit these major aspect configurations (good or bad) and either get consumed with a feeling of dread or get overly enthusiastic with high hopes. For example did the grand water trines of last year make everything all good and wonderful? Maybe for some. I look at this upcoming cardinal grand cross as an opportunity to make some major changes and that’s not such a bad thing.

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – Thanks so much for reading my blog. Understanding timing is one of the great things about astrology. And, all energy is neither good nor bad. It can only be used wisely or poorly. It all depends on our choices. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love, Pat

  21. Anonymous says:

    What an amazingly beautiful, infomrative and deeply menaingful perspective! Thank you!!!

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