The Heavens Declare

imagesBNTQW9LLThe Heavens Declare

“1.  The Earth is moving at 1,000 mph as it rotates on its axis.

“2.  The Earth is also traveling 66,000 mph as it orbits the sun.

“3.  The sun and solar system are whizzing along the edge of the Milky Way at 481,000 mph.

“4.  And, the Milky Way is clocking 1,350,000 mph around a cluster of galaxies.

“Add to this fact that every single part of your body is in constant motion, and every atom is a minigalaxy dancing and whirling at incalculable speeds.  And yet you remain you.  Now, that’s magic.” – The Heavens Declare by Alice O. Howell

That’s magic for sure!  And, within our solar system are planets and other cosmic bodies whirling along for the ride.

It is absolutely amazing to me that most people don’t seem to feel that all this motion somehow has something to do with our human lives here on this beautiful planet Earth.

I  wonder why we feel safer living exclusively in a material world when the evidence abounds that there is a whole lot more going on.  We want to live in a literal, objective reality rather than a mysterious, magical, subjective reality.  I wonder if it is because we tend to fear what we don’t understand?

Religion could help us understand.  Maybe in Ages past that was a role religion played in societies? In this Age religion, too, is very literal, lots of books and rules – very mind based – a part of the material, objective reality.  Somewhere along the way we lost Spirit – a true personal experience of the Divine.

That’s all changing with the changing of the Ages.

Some date the current Age of Pisces at 7 BC – 1800 AD.  Others say from year 0 to 2000 AD. Most feel the Ages are approximately 2300 years in duration. Pretty much everyone agrees the current Age either has ended or is ending.

The planet Uranus – discovered in 1781- is the modern ruler of Aquarius.  I agree with the theory that its discovery marked the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The beginning and ending dates of the Ages are all theory.  No one knows.  Astrologers look for indications that something is shifting globally.   The shifts are usually subtle, gradual over a period of many years and can be seen in prior Ages much more clearly than in our current one.

Just for kicks let’s say we are in the Age of Aquarius and have been for about 200 years.  So what? What does that really mean?

The Age of Aquarius is thought to be the age of the common woman and man.  In other words, each of us will discover the spiritual, magical, divine, unseen, subjective reality for ourselves.  The Sun behind the sun.  And, we will each see that while we are different, the same Sun shines in each of us and in all life.  We are the world! is a classic Aquarian view.  I’ll write more in a future post on the upside and downside that will likely mark the coming times.

Since this is the beginning of a 2300 year long Age – some of you reading this post will think well, maybe.  Or, where is she getting all these flowers and sunshine?  Doesn’t she understand what’s really going on in our world today?  It all sounds great, but it’s a dream.

Well, maybe?

Where does this leave religion?  War? Poverty? Politicians who have forgotten who they are serving – or, that they are serving?  You can add to the list.

Remember, it’s the coming Age of the common woman and man.  The big shift will be inside each of us – and will reverberate from us to society.  Not the other way around.

What an exciting time to be alive!



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