Why Are You Alive?

tumblr_lfkczkjQqF1qbpwkro1_1280[1]Why Are You Alive?

 “How many people do you know who are obsessed with their work, who are type A or have stress related diseases and who can’t slow down? They can’t slow down because they use their routine to distract themselves, to reduce life to only its practical considerations. And they do this to avoid recalling how uncertain they are about why they live.” — James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

I re-read The Celestine Prophecy about once a year – lots of wisdom in that book.  I can remember back years ago when I was still in the business game in a big way.  I was very driven to succeed and did.  My health suffered, luckily not in any long term way.

I discovered in my own life that all the drive for success, busyness, worry and stress truly was a distraction.  I know when you are in the middle of it all, to read a sentence like that sounds ridiculous.  Eventually, I realized there had to be more to life, that I was somehow missing some big piece.  Everything I was doing felt empty – I became more unhappy with each promotion and raise in pay.

I met two teachers who showed me there was more to life – and, I’ve been on a miraculous path of discovery ever since.  Somewhere inside each of us we do ask the big questions:  What’s it all about?  Why am I here?  Who am I anyway?  Why do I have to die?  What nutcase designed this whole thing we call life?  What’s the point?  I’m sure you have your own list.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’m any closer to the answers than I was years ago.  What has changed is that I’ve discovered deep peace inside.  The questions don’t matter so much anymore.

This moment – sitting here looking out at a new fallen snow, squirrels running around and an occasional bird flying by – is somehow other worldly.  I feel a strange oneness with it all which brings me deep peace.  If I had read those sentences a few years ago, I would have thought whoever wrote them was in la la land.  I’m not.  Where I am is finally, actually in this beautiful world – an integral part of it.

Consider taking a look at your own life.  Are you actually in this world or just running through as fast as you can?


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