I saw this film with my granddaughter a couple weeks ago.  It is a great film.  I like the new Disney.  Prince Charming is a jerk and a young woman learns to use her gifts and realizes they are not necessarily a curse, as her parents taught her.

Here is an excerpt from an article on the Psychology Today website by Goal Auzeen Saedi, Ph.D where she is discussing the deeper meaning of Frozen.  You can read the full article hereWarning: this contains spoilers for the film.

“First, after the protagonist of our tale, Anna, falls in love with a man she has known for only a few hours, another more rugged ‘unconventional’ (for Disney) male lead questions her judgment. In the end, we realize the first guy is basically a total jerk. At the moment he is supposed to deliver ‘true love’s kiss,’ to heal her, he tells her how unfortunate it is that she doesn’t have someone who loves her and walks away, leaving her to die. Is this Disney’s attempt to teach young girls a first and important lesson about love? ‘Girls, men will break your heart, and some will be just plain lousy. Let’s learn this lesson early on in life.’ Certainly not what I’d expect out of Disney, but I am somewhat intrigued.

“Second, the act of true love that breaks the curse in this film does not end up being between a man and a woman. It is between two sisters. This I found to be rather touching. It was a first Disney tale where the family bond was more central to the story than one of romantic (typically lust-driven) love.

“Finally, a central theme in the story seemed to touch upon deeper allusions toward the dualistic nature of power, both good and bad. Typically Disney stories have featured a ‘villain’ who possesses supernatural powers. Here, we see a queen whose powers have the ability to destroy. Where she first learns that being cold (metaphorically speaking) to the outside world is what will ultimately protect her, she grows lonely and more frustrated. Interestingly, this does not mean she is beyond saving. She creates a castle of magnificent beauty out of ice. She learns to embrace solitude and the freedom to be herself. And yet in the end, through love and family comes to achieve the highest levels of Disney nirvana.  All of that singing about ‘let it go’ during the film was rather reminiscent of Buddhism and Taoism if you ask me.  Surprisingly deep for a children’s tale.”

You can see “Let It Go” the song discussed above on You Tube here.

It’s encouraging to see Disney get more real with the messages they are sending our children.  Maybe a sign of the times?  Maybe we are all shifting into a more authentic way of life?


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5 Responses to Frozen

  1. Heidi Rose says:

    The only criticism I have of the quoted article is that this is not the first Disney movie to focus on the family bond versus a romantic interest. The movie Brave did not have a romance story line at all. The entire story was about the bond of family especially between mothers and daughters.

  2. renatembell says:

    I agree! The twist on ‘who gets the girl’ was a total surprise. I was amazed! Even though Anna recovers from the first ‘love’ after he lies to her, we see in the end that Elsa doesn’t even have a ‘love’. Wow! Very unlike Disney. A welcomed changed, for sure. Perhaps they have realized plenty adults watch these movies, too!

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – I watch Let It Go a couple times a week. It was a movie for this “girl” that’s for sure! Glad my granddaughter has a new kind of fairy tale to add to her view of the world. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by. Love, Pat

      • renatembell says:

        I’ve watched Let it Go a few times, too! and posted the Youtube video on my Facebook page 🙂 What a great song to accompany a wonderful story/movie!

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