Discovering Wisdom – The Book

BookCoverImage[1]Discovering Wisdom – The Book

I have published a book entitled Discovering Wisdom – When We Realize We Are Love, Everything Shifts.  My pen name is Ann Ranson.  Actually that is my maiden name.  It’s like going back in time to see it printed on the cover of my book.

I decided to publish the book since I want to reach people who don’t read blogs.  I also wondered if you might want to read the same wisdom you see here in an e-book or printed, more organized format.  The book is available for purchase from Amazon here.

Discovering Wisdom presents a new take on religion, science, psychology, relationships, success and many other cornerstones of the lives of most people.  And, ancient wisdom.  Ancient wisdom keeps getting repackaged – new and improved.  This book will help you understand the seeds of wisdom from which many ideas have grown.  Plant your own seeds – tend your own garden.  No need to buy prepackaged wisdom. Here you’ll learn how.

You will explore the differences in spirituality and religion; psychology and common sense; science and science fiction; and, the unseen, hidden, occult.

Many religions teach their way is the only path to god.  Not so.  Just plain, flat out wrong.  There are as many paths to god as there are human beings who have ever lived, are living or will ever live.  It’s personal.  Not institutional.

A rudimentary understanding of psychology and good old common sense helps us live in this material world a happier, more sane being.  A few basic concepts and you will be amazed how easy life may become.

Some scientists have gotten out of the box and discovered different ways to view our world.  Orthodox scientists consider some of this work akin to science fiction.  It’s not.  Science is also running into spirit!  We live in a magical, mysterious world.  Our logical minds keep attempting to trivialize it all.  To fit the unseen into the seen.

Is the occult – the unseen, hidden, secret, paranormal – real?  Well, maybe?  Many of us are interested in the occult.  We yearn for an understanding of a deeper, spiritual reality.  Astrology, shamanism, ancient oracles all reveal the mystery we live in everyday.  Until we can explain or see something we label it as out there, new age nonsense, woo-woo.  Like electricity, once it can be explained it fits into our material view of the world.  Always remember electricity and magnetism.  We have absolutely no idea what they are.

Reading this book, like reading this blog,  will, hopefully, shake up your world.  It presents a new way to think about what it means to be alive at this most exciting time.  Some of the old models have outlived their usefulness.  Are you ready to shift – to see you are love?


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2 Responses to Discovering Wisdom – The Book

    • mountainpat says:

      Thanks so much! I truly want to reach more people, so I hope it sells. I’m learning how to go about promoting the book – a whole new world – lol! Love, Pat

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