Total Eclipse of the Moon in Libra

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 030307+eclipse+composite_f[1]April is a very energy charged month. The cardinal grand cross will be exact this month, although most of us have been feeling the energies of these four planets in aspect to one another for some time now.

Eclipses happen about twice a year and come in pairs. This year we will experience a total eclipse of the Moon at 25 degrees Libra on April 15th. The eclipse will be visible from Antarctica, western Africa, extreme western Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Greenland, the Americas and the Pacific Ocean. For a detailed explanation and time line you can see a great article from Astronomy magazine here.

Eclipses occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in alignment. During a lunar eclipse, the Full Moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. Stephanie Austin in the April/May edition of The Mountain Astrologer advises: “This temporary blockage of light stirs up what has been in the unconscious, increasing awareness of our deepest motivations and fears. What do we really want? What’s holding us back?”

This eclipse highlights the grand cross – intensifies it’s energy. It has been described as a catalyst for breakdowns and breakthroughs in our lives, both in the collective and individually. The cross consists of two oppositions which ask us to balance two opposing energies. And, four squares. Squares mark turning points. The areas of our lives affected are self and other; home and work/career/destiny. Most likely you will become very clear on what’s working and what’s not working in these four areas of your life. See my Cardinal Grand Cross post here.

The song, Let It Go, from the children’s film, Frozen, is uncannily timely. You can view the song on YouTube here.

Prepare for warp drive! And, remember, this is a cycle and will pass. Will you look back on this time as a time of renewal and growth or a train wreck? The planetary energies are neither good nor bad. We are free will beings. It’s how we choose to dance with the energies at play that will determine the outcome for each of us.


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2 Responses to Total Eclipse of the Moon in Libra

  1. I read somewhere that Lunar Eclipses trigger endings and Solar Eclipses initiate new beginnings.

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