1244029180455[1]Surrender – it sounds like you are giving up – right?  Sort of like I failed or something?  I can’t handle life or some part of life, so I throw in the towel.  Actually, that’s not at all what surrender is from a spiritual perspective.

We are light beings.  Spiritual beings.  We come from the stars.  Sounds really out there doesn’t it?  It’s not.  We are love – the most powerful energy – even though scientists can’t measure it.  We’re it!

Surrender means we become what we already are.  We allow our conscious minds to know the truth of existence.  We stop holding ourselves apart from all that is.  Here in the West there has been and is an epidemic of separateness.  We cling to the illusion we are apart – from each other, from nature, from the energies of the cosmos.  When you think of it, living in separateness is pretty frightening.

When we consciously surrender, from our place of inner knowing we feel – know – the oneness we already are.

Now, all that sounds way out there – hard to get your mind around – right?  I don’t know that our minds can comprehend it.  Surrendering is more like jumping off the cliff and trusting your unfound wings will carry you on the wind currents of life.

Have you ever been in a situation – maybe something medical or depression or you just feel you are at the bottom?  Many of us when we are in this place – just give up!  That’s surrender.  Nothing for you to do.  Nothing you can do.  It’s a very important moment.  Most of us look back on those moments and feel they were turning points in our lives.

We can live from that place of surrender all the time.  We don’t need a crisis to take us to the cliff.  In that moment of surrender what is really happening is you have torn down all the walls around yourself, you are open, raw, authentic.  You are who you really, truly have always been.  From this place life is magical and very easy. You are in the flow of life.  No trying.  No shoulds. No coulds.  Just rockin’ along.

I wonder why we insist on clinging to the illusion of separateness?  Why surrender is so foreign to us?


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