The Great Mystery

nebula-and-planet-13252-1920x1200[1]“If we stay aware and acknowledge the great mystery that is this life, we will see that we have been perfectly placed, in exactly the right position . . . to make all the difference in the world.” – James Redfield, The Tenth Insight

Sometimes we are in a situation where we want to help someone else.  We feel they are having a problem or that life has dealt them a bad hand.  We can feel their pain.  We want to do something.  Parents often feel this way as they watch their children grow and learn the hard lessons of life.  Maybe a friend is having a difficult time.  Or, a business associate.

The thing is I can’t learn your lesson for you – it just doesn’t work.  Only you can learn your lesson.  I know from my own life, the darkest hours brought me the greatest wisdom and strength in the long run.  Felt like hell when I was in the experience and was exhilarating on the other side.  I did it!  Looking back, some of my greatest disappointments also opened up a new way, a new direction, that totally changed the course of my life.

Astrology has taught me we each come into this lifetime with many gifts and with lessons to learn.  We chose the classes – nothing is done “to” us.  My chart is indicative of a lifetime filled to the top with learning. I sometimes wonder what I was thinking to have taken on so much!  And, yet, it also feels right somehow.  So, as James Redfield says in the above quote, I feel I am “perfectly placed, in exactly the right position.”  Astrology has also helped me “acknowledge the great mystery” that is life.

My own awareness helps me honor the journey of my children, grand children, other loved ones, friends, clients and all beings.  It helps me remember I can’t learn their lessons for them.  I can love them, no matter what.  I can be here, no matter what.  The lessons, however, are theirs alone.  The hero/heroine’s journey.

We are each here to play our part, “to make all the difference in the world.”  Just as we are – “perfectly placed, in exactly the right position.”



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