cosmic-eye[1]The One Mind (OM?) is a concept I first read about in some of the Edgar Cayce material.  The idea is that all knowing is sort of stored in the One Mind.  We are each an integral part of the One Mind.  We are gatherers – antennae – receivers of information, experience, creativity, emotion.  All of my experiences are instantly a part of the One Mind – yours, too.  They are instantly available to all beings, everywhere and everywhen.

Consider every one of your words, actions, thoughts, deeds, experiences are all preserved forever!  Available to all for the asking.  If you are like me, a scary thought.  I’d like to think I’m an enlightened being, actually I’m simply a pilgrim on the path – learning.  My apologies to all for some of the things I’ve added to the One Mind.

When I am learning something new, or solving a problem or creating a post for this blog,  I’m really creating a new pathway or opening a door for the information to download from the One Mind.  Nothing new under the sun.  This theory explains how a new idea is often “in the air” and picked up by many people at about the same time.  We are in resonance.

This idea gives a whole new meaning to Oneness.  Every word, deed, action, thought, emotion, experience of all beings everywhere and everywhen are all in the One Mind.  And, we can all access all of that whenever we set the intention to do so.  All swimming in the same energy sea.  Not sure energy is the correct word.  It’s the best I can do to describe a concept that feels right and is outside of my mind’s ability to fully comprehend how all that can possibly be true.

Maybe evolution of our species is simply our ability and choice to access more evolved knowing from the One Mind.  What prompts me – or, you – to set the intention to download kinder, saner, more peaceful, loving, creative, advanced, your own words –  knowing?  It’s clear the One Mind also contains the “dark side of the force” – as it was described in the film, Star Wars. We see evidence in our world of those accessing that darker knowing.

In astrology each person’s evolutionary, spiritual path can be seen in the natal chart.  Once I could see my own soul’s journey through many lifetimes, it – hopefully – has helped me make more conscious choices.  Ones that support my spirit, as well as my mind.

We are each spiritual beings – souls – living in this material reality.  So, there are two growth paths we are all walking every day.  There is the growth in this current incarnation – in this material reality.  Ideally, it is in harmony with the evolution of our soul.  Done well, material world growth supports our growth over many lifetimes.

This concept can sound a little “out there.”  It is really a part of how you live every day.  Your compass is your inner knowing, your gut feel, the small voice inside, intuition, your own words.  When our actions and words are supporting both our material world growth and our soul’s evolution, it just plain feels right.  Not necessarily easy!  Right.  If we slow down and take the time to check in, we know.


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