The Cardinal Grand Cross – Again !!

Astro[1]“Nothing binds you except your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.” – Marianne Williamson

Most of us have been feeling the strong pull of change in our lives for a while now.  Sometimes it feels like a slow, evolutionary change.  At other times, like a world changing, revolutionary change.  It has been especially difficult for anyone who has attempted to cling to the status quo and pretend the tectonic plates of life are stationary. Pretty much everything is shifting.  Politics, the economy, the environment, our values, social norms, religions, us.  Lots of times we have felt the rug has been pulled out from under us – and, some of those times, we were doing the pulling. The unowned, shadow parts of ourselves have surfaced.  Emotions have run high.  Relationships have been renegotiated.  Or, not!

Astrology helps us understand the energies at play in all this change.  The story begins two years ago when two planets moved into dynamic tension with each other.

The planet Pluto is called the transformer.  It is associated with intensity, depth, shadow, secrets, death, deterioration and regeneration.  It has been in the cardinal sign of Capricorn.

The planet Uranus is the revolutionary.  It brings a desire for freedom and brings sudden, unexpected changes.  It is thought to usher in cutting edge, progressive changes. Uranus is also in a cardinal sign – Aries.

These planets have been dancing in and out of exact alignment for two years now.  They have been in a tense 90 degree angle to each other.  In astrology speak they have been forming a square.   The dates of the exact squares are as follows:

June 6 – July 9, 2012

September 18 – October 1, 2012

May 15 – June 1, 2013

October 17 – November 15, 2013

April 12 – April 29, 2014

November 26 – December 27, 2014

March 11 – 28, 2015

These planets have called you to personal, very deep internal and external change.  What has been working in your life and what hasn’t been working?  During these years it has been and is very difficult to pretend everything’s ok.  Change can feel like hell sometimes.  And, it is important to take action and initiate change in your life where appropriate.  Aren’t we all seeking more authenticity, peace and happiness?

I’ve written earlier about the Cardinal Grand Cross.  The on-going Pluto/Uranus square was the first aspect beginning the cross.  The other two planets were Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra.  Both Cancer and Libra are cardinal signs, hence the name – Cardinal Grand Cross.

The Grand Cross will peak for a third time between June 14 and June 25.  Mars in Libra will move into exact alignment with two of the four planets.

Mars is associated with the God of War, energy, force, strength, aggression and passion.  Libra is the relationship sign.  Mars entered Libra in December, 2013 and will remain there until the end of July, 2014.  A long time for the God of War to be in the sign of relationship.  How have your relationships been affected during this time?

Mars is a key player in the Grand Cross.  Whatever final relationship issues have not been brought to the surface may well come up to the light of consciousness on or around June 14 when Mars is again in alignment with Pluto and/or on or around June 25 when it is in alignment with Uranus.  Another opportunity to see where you may be resisting change in your relationships.  What needs to be renegotiated?  Is it time to break free?  Relinquish control?  Surrender?  The general theme of this whole time is breakdown and breakthrough.  What needs to be released so that the new can be embraced?

Overlaying this time is a Mercury retrograde which began on June 7 and will continue through July 1.  Mercury retrograde can bring indecision and confusion.  Mercury is associated with mind and thinking and during a retrograde phase we may feel off our game.  On the other hand, it is an excellent time to tune in to your intuition.  What feels right?

We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 13.  Full Moons are thought to be times of completion, culmination and fulfillment of whatever began at the New Moon approximately two weeks ago.  It can be an emotional time and is associated with romance and relationships.  It can illuminate where we still need to make major changes.  This particular Full Moon brings an opportunity for self inquiry and complete honesty with self and others.

Also, at this Full Moon, Venus, the Goddess of Love, will be in exact opposition to Saturn,  the teacher.  What changes do you still need to make?  What lesson is Saturn bringing to Venus?

Taken together these planetary movements point to a time of final clearing out and releasing whatever isn’t working in your relationships.  It’s a time where you are supported in seeing yourself more clearly and seeing yourself in your relationships more clearly.  A time to consider letting go – freedom, freedom, freedom!


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