Hello, Again !!

cats-paw-nebula[1]Well, after a much needed break its time to get back to writing.  I love to write and have missed the creative process.

July and August have been life changing months for me.  My husband and I are separating, our house has been sold and I am now in the process of packing – almost done!  I will move into my new space later this month.

As I have gone through this major life change, I’ve learned lots of lessons.  Had to deal with old issues I thought were healed long ago.  Healing old psychological and emotional wounds is like drilling a well, I think.  At each level, a new aspect of healing is encountered.  This time around I sincerely hope I’ve dug out and released all the remaining old “stuff.”  I guess time will tell on that one.

It feels good to be back at my computer and in a place where I’m ready again to share my musings on life with you.  As I write, I learn.  I see myself as teacher and student all at the same time.  My intention, as before, is to post things here that will help you on your journey through life.


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8 Responses to Hello, Again !!

  1. serenity2128@gmail.com says:

    Welcome back my sister! Love ya…..

    M. Eileen “Peace, Love and Serenity”


  2. Anonymous says:

    Best of everything to you in your new explorations.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ending a toxic relationship will feel lonely yet freeing, as you get to focus on yourself now. Nice to have you back Pat!

  4. lisa says:

    Welcome Back! You have been missed! Love ya, Lisa

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