Stopping The World

rainbow_hand[1]In Journey to Ixtlan, The Lessons of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, don Juan teaches Carlos about “stopping the world.”  He says in order to “see” you have to first stop the world.

Don Juan exposes Carlos to many bizarre experiences all designed to help Carlos question his normal, daily world.  He begins to wonder what part of his world, his reality, is real and what part is unreal.  Don Juan teaches:  “To believe that the world is only as you think it is, is stupid. . . . The world is a mysterious place.”

Where in our lives are we stuck in a role we have played – probably unconsciously – for so long we believe that’s the way life is and that’s who we are?  Others see us in our role and put us in a neat little box.  We and they believe we have at least this corner of the world all figured out.  Our ego mind – the part of us that doesn’t like change – is happy – at least most of the time.  But what of our soul?

When we “stop the world,” we stand back – let go of the roles we have been playing – question our beliefs about how the world “is.”  Can I be different?  Can I see it’s ok to be exactly who I am?   Am I one with all?  Am I ready to step into the mystery of life? Am I ready to really “see?”

You might want to consider stopping the world.  Turn it all upside down.  Examine all of your life.  What if none of it is fixed?  What if you could change everything?  Are you “seeing” clearly?  Are you happy?  What does your soul have to say?


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2 Responses to Stopping The World

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my dear friend, it is GOOD to have you back writing!!! I have missed your thought provoking words of wisdom. I just love your style and perspective…beautiful. Rock on woman!

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