Happiness Is A Choice

image007[1]“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.” – Mildred Barthel

I agree happiness is a choice like so many other aspects of life. When we are going through a time of ease and joy, happiness is an easy choice. Although, I have known several people who never choose happiness no matter how beautiful and magical their life.  My Daddy’s take on people like this was:  “With some people if you gave them a brand new TV, they’d bitch because you didn’t give them an easy chair to sit in while they watched!”  I guess we all know people who respond to the world in that way.  Or, maybe in certain situations or with certain people we might fall into the same thinking.  Sometimes it’s really difficult to choose happiness even when it appears happiness is the obvious choice.

Then there are the times in our lives when everything has fallen apart. Major life changes bring us sorrow, grief, despair. Something is ending.  Our ego selves are forced to let go of a person or group we have held dear, an identity, a role we have played, a feeling of safety or security.  Happiness is almost impossible to choose at times like these.

When something ends, something else begins.  Transformation.  The snake sheds its skin.  A new day.  The process – the time it can take to fully complete the ending – varies according to the magnitude of the life change.  While choosing happiness may not be possible during this time, it is very helpful to remember something is also beginning.  You may be able to choose happiness very soon!  Any day!

For many of us on most days we are simply rocking along – life is pretty good. On those days, consider taking the time to consciously choose happiness.  It really won’t come knocking on your door – it isn’t automatic – it’s up to you to choose it.  I love the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.  You can see it on YouTube here.  Clap your hands!


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