imagesCA5L08TE“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Accepting ourselves. Just as we are.  I wonder why it can sometimes be so difficult for us to love us.  “I love myself.  I accept myself.  I support myself.”  To some of us those words feel like blasphemy.  Or, maybe they just feel untrue.   Usually, when life is rocking along,  it’s fairly easy to look into our own eyes and say,  “I love you!  You are really cool!  Beautiful!  Awesome!  You Rock!”  Try it.  After you get over feeling foolish – it feels really good.

When life is not going so smoothly, it’s even more important to affirm your own humanity and accept yourself, no matter what. We are all human.  Humans screw up.  We make mistakes.  We say things we wish we hadn’t said.  Or, we do something to hurt someone else – sometimes unconsciously – sometimes consciously.  Either way, in retrospect we aren’t happy with our actions.  Acceptance – of ourselves – no matter what.  Mistakes aren’t the end of the world.  Just a sign we are a part of the human race.

Whenever we fall into the need to be accepted by others, it usually means we haven’t taken the time for self acceptance.  Or, we are resisting loving ourselves.  Do you realize it’s only possible for you to accept or love another to the extent you accept and love you?  Self love is the foundation for peace on earth – if you want to take this concept to its global conclusion.

You are a beautiful being – especially when you live authentically, totally accepting of your own humanity and totally and completely in love with you!


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