Cycles of Life

Quantum-Physics[1]“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras

Cycles within cycles within cycles. Life.  All life moves in cycles – from the furthest reaches of the cosmos to the universes within our own bodies.  I study astrology, a science and art based on cycles.  The cycles of the planets.  The cycles of our own earth.

Due to their slow movement relative to earth the outer planets color the generations.  Our individual lives also cycle with the planets.  Here is a sampling of major planetary cycles and change points in our lives – yep, that’s right – everyone’s life.  The ages are approximate, but you will get the idea.

Age 2 ~  Transiting Mars – the God of War – returns to its natal position.  Any parent will completely understand the God of War here!

Teen Years ~  Transiting Uranus – associated with freedom – forms a Sextile to its natal position.  First real stirrings of wanting freedom from our parents and other authority.  Time to begin breaking away from home and to begin our own journey.

Age 28/30  ~  Transiting Saturn – the teacher – returns for the first time to its natal position.  If you aren’t on the right path, all sorts of major changes may occur in your life.  If you are on the right path, you may be rewarded in some way.

Late 30s to Mid 40s  ~  Mid life crisis time!  Transiting Neptune Squares its natal position.  Transiting Uranus Opposes its natal position.  Transiting Saturn Opposes its natal position.  Whew!  Purpose is to reorient ourselves.

For people who have not been living authentically, this period can be a major wake up call. This is a time when we begin to question.  Is there more to life than simply meeting the external demands of the world?  What of my internal world – my soul?  Why am I here?  What’s the meaning of life?  Or, sometimes we just think life sucks!  And, to hell with the whole thing!  We attempt to run away, escape.  Lots of ways to escape.

Age 58/60  ~  Transiting Saturn – the teacher – returns for the second time to its natal position.  Another course correction time.  If we are on course – great.  If not, more lessons.

Does all this feel like you don’t have free will? Actually, the cycles are based entirely on free will.  How your life unfolds depends on your choices, especially during these high energy times.  Nothing is done to you.  You are in a dance with life.  Do you hear the music of the spheres?


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5 Responses to Cycles of Life

  1. Great – love it. Simple and solid.

  2. MaryRose says:

    EXCELLENT, as the paperback by Gail Sheehy is titled, its all “PASSAGES” THANK YOU

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