Scorpio Solar Eclipse – October 23, 2014

650665main_hinode-eclipse-orig_full[1]“Light encodes information. Every second, our Earth receives three billion megawatts of electromagnetic energy from the Sun.  During an eclipse, these photon currents are disrupted, and gravitational pulls are increased; old matrices dissolve and new pathways open.  Even a partial eclipse of the Sun, such as this one, alters and reboots our consciousness.  Solar eclipses are extra-powerful New Moons, which signal a major ending and beginning in at least one area of our life.  They occur close to the same degree every 19 years.  On October 23, 1995, there was a total solar eclipse at 0 degrees 15 minutes Scorpio, very near this one at 0 degrees 24 minutes Scorpio.  What was important in your life then?  Where are you being called to go to the next level?” – Stephanie Austin, Mountain Astrologer, October/November, 2014

From the standpoint of astrologers, eclipses are not a one day event. Rather, the energy they bring sets change in motion for the next several months.  And, as Stephanie Austin mentions in the above quote, they are a part of a much longer cycle.

Isn’t it amazing we live in a cosmos filled with cycles upon cycles upon cycles – lifetimes upon lifetimes. A universe so vast we have difficulty comprehending its size or age. And, we reduce all that magnificence  to a clock and a calendar!  Luckily, the magic of the cosmos keeps holding the truth for us to see.

This eclipse is in Scorpio – the energy that supports us in looking at our illusions, getting clear. Once we can see, we have the power of choice.  Until then, we continue to sleep.

Venus is also at 0 degrees Scorpio right now, travelling with the Sun and Moon. Venus is asking we be honest with ourselves and others – deeper intimacy is the reward.  She is shining her light on this eclipse reminding us to choose love, not fear.

Shawn Gallaway has a great song entitled I Choose Love.  You can see it on YouTube here.


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