imagesCAWF1XS3“Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.” – C. G. Jung

I’ve been interested in astrology for a while now. Many years ago I began studying psychology – Jungian psychology, which lead to mythology and spirituality.  Astrology just kept coming up in all the various subjects I was studying.  I began having my own chart prepared every year and was totally blown away by it all.

Astrology has helped me see myself more clearly and understand the natural cycles in my life. I now understand the lessons and gifts in life’s experiences – at least, most of the time!  I am much more aware and free.  Astrology is not at all deterministic, it is based on the concept of free will.

I retired from a career in business and decided to seriously study astrology. I now help others understand their lives through the lens of their natal chart.  It amazes me how different my current world is from my old business days.  I am so much more alive.

Many people who come to see me want answers. They view astrology as fortune telling.  Actually I don’t have a clue what choices they are going to make in the future.  Astrology does not predict behavior.  What I can do is help them understand the energies at play in their lives.  How they are likely to view safety needs, relationships, career and themselves.  I can help them see what their gifts, challenges and lessons might be.  I can help them make informed choices.

Life is cycle upon cycle upon cycle. A beginning and an ending over and over again. Death and rebirth throughout our lives.  It is virtually impossible to hold onto today.  You are changing.  Those around you are changing.  The world is changing.  The cosmos is changing.  We are constantly recreating ourselves.  Do you view that as good news or bad news?


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