Living Your Truth

images[1] (3)“What I know for sure is that you feel real JOY in direct proportion to how connected you are to living your truth.” – Oprah

Living my truth. Sounds like a really good thing to do.  And, I’m all for joy.  The thing is how exactly do I live my truth?  It seems the first thing I have to do is discover what my truth is.  I expect somewhere inside we each know our truth.  How do most of us get distracted from our inner knowing?

Sometimes we go along. We don’t want to hurt someone we love or admire and yet don’t share their truth.  Maybe our own sense of worth is weakened and we become the other – like a chameleon.  We forget our truth – for awhile.  Perhaps we don’t feel our truth is important or worth standing up for.  I’m sure you have some ideas of your own.  We temporarily lose the truth along the way.

The opposite of truth could be thought of as illusion. We pretend.  I pretend I am like you, I share your truth.  When in fact I don’t.    Maybe I think it’s easier being you because being me is too much work? Maybe I want to keep the illusion we are alike alive because I fear the consequences if we are different?

The problem with all these strategies is they don’t work. At least not in the long run.  Maybe I can live in an illusion for awhile.  Sooner or later, my heart and soul will make themselves known.  The fog clears and I’m staring at reality. Now what?

I think it can take courage to live our truth. Here’s who I am – here’s what I believe in – take me or leave me.

Joy – Oprah says it’s the reward for living our truth. Look at your life. I’m sure there are areas of your life where you are authentic and most likely they bring you joy.  If we want more joy, then we intend to live more authentically.  Pretty simple, actually.

I’ll end with this quote from Marianne Williamson: “Joy is our goal, our destiny.  We cannot know who we are except in Joy.  Not knowing Joy, we do not know ourselves.”


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2 Responses to Living Your Truth

  1. Sonya says:

    You write very eloquently and your point is well said. However, I have a problem with the word “truth”. I like that you later used “authentic”. I agree, we need to be authentic, transparent with one another. But, to find ‘our own truth’ worries me. Jesus said He was the ‘way, the Truth, and the Life”. There is only ONE Truth – and that is God’s truth. We don’t always like it and we try to adjust it to make us more comfortable, but it is the only real Truth. Jeremiah told us “the heart is deceitful” so we can’t always believe what our heart tells us, or wants for us. Emotions and feelings can deceive us, also. But true JOY comes from believing and following the Truth that is found only in Jesus Christ. Because by doing so, we find peace and we find that we don’t get caught up in “lies and deceitful lips”.

    So, in short, I agree with the point you are making – just perhaps not the portrayal of the word TRUTH in this context. Keep writing!

    • mountainpat says:

      It seems the word “truth” has a very specific meaning to you based on the teachings of your spiritual path. Knowing we all – as a global community – may assign meanings to words based on our own traditions and religious/spiritual teachings, I attempt to use many different words to communicate the thought I’m conveying. I’m glad you could read past the word you found offensive to the broader meaning of my post. You set a good example for all of us who want peace on earth – to see past our difference to our oneness.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting.

      Love, Pat

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