This Little Light Of Mine

beautiful-LED-christmas-lights[1]“Don’t you know yet?  It is your light that lights the world.” – Rumi

When I was a child in Sunday school years ago we sang a song entitled This Little Light of Mine.  The lyrics to that song have stayed with me all these years.  You can hear a great version of the song and read the full lyrics on YouTube here.

Now all these years later I realize how important it is for each of us to “let our little light shine!”  We are each the only light just like us.  Plus it plain feels good to know who we are, understand our gifts and freely give them to the world.  Authenticity.  Seeing ourselves clearly and loving what we see.

This holiday season maybe our light is the greatest gift we can give?  For a little inspiration, here are part of the lyrics:

Light that shines

is the light of love

Hides the darkness

from above

Shines on me

and it shines on you

Shows you what the

power of love can do

Shine my light both bright

and clear

Shine my light both

far and near

In every dark corner

that I find

Gonna let

my little light shine

Shine on!  Shine on!


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