Dear Hearts and Gentle People

holiday%20lights%20metro%20phoenix%202012[1]“I love those dear hearts and gentle people who live and love in my hometown.”

From Dear Hearts And Gentle People by Sammy Fain and Bob Hilliard.

Look around your town, community, home or family.  For the most part “dear hearts and gentle people” – right?  Yet we can so easily get caught up in the news hype about how harsh the world is.  It isn’t.  And, it’s true, some people in our global community are lost souls, caught up in greed, anger and violence.  Most of us, though, are not.

This is a good time of year to really look into the eyes of those you meet each day, smile, can you see your love reflected in the other?  We are each doing our best to walk on this journey called life.  We love, cry, laugh, grieve, celebrate and honor whatever god or gods we believe watch over us here.  We are one – the same – and yet individuals with our own curriculum this time through.

I just returned from a trip to Bali, an island in the Indonesian archipelago.  I found the Balinese people to be very kind, gentle, and spiritual.  It was healing in a way simply to live among them for a short while.  I attended an astrology workshop there with participants from around the world.  Again, I was moved by the kindness, love and gentleness of my fellow students.  We learned and helped each other across many languages, ethnic backgrounds and world views.  All “dear hearts and gentle people” – maybe it’s time we redefine “hometown?”

May the peace, softness and gentleness of this solstice and holiday season rest easy on your soul.


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