The Age of Aquarius

images[7] (3)Well, is it here?  Has it been here for awhile?  Is it coming?  When?  What exactly is it?

Back in the 60s the Age of Aquarius was a hit song from the musical Hair, later released as a very popular single by The 5th Dimension.  You can see their version of the Age of Aquarius on YouTube here.

Each year on the first day of spring (the vernal equinox), the sun rises against a particular constellation located along the sun’s yearly path.  Due to small variations in the Earth’s axis, however, this vernal point shifts slightly over time, moving backward through all twelve constellations over the course of roughly 26,000 years.  It is currently moving out of the constellation of Pisces and into Aquarius.  On average it takes about 2,100 years for this vernal point to move through a constellation.

Astrologers and others who are interested in the changing of the Ages differ widely on when they believe the New Age began or will begin.  It’s similar to determining the exact moment of dawn.  Is it the first light of day or when the Sun appears above the horizon?  Also, an Age doesn’t begin in a single day or year; it unfolds gradually over many centuries.  So, timing is up for grabs.  Many believe we are already seeing symbols appearing in our world indicating we are close to or in the new Age.

There is some agreement on what this Age may potentially bring to humanity.  Before we look at all that, I think it may be important to set the stage.  Where have we humans been and where are we now?  What difference does it make if the Age changes?  What’s the big deal anyway?  So, it was a great song and won lots of awards.  So what?

Prior to the Age of Pisces was the Age of Aries and before that the Age of Taurus and so on around the zodiac.  Each Age has its own qualities and symbols which can be seen in the history of the time.  Some believe each of the twelve Ages represents a universal archetypal principle of consciousness, each with its own unique qualities.  With the emergence of a new Age, different impulses surface within the collective psyche.

During the Age of Aries we saw the rise of a more assertive and ego-oriented impulse in our world, and with this came the rise of many great empires and military leaders, as well as emphasis on ram symbolism (the symbol associated with Aries).  During the Age of Pisces, a more emotional approach to the world occurred, one result of which was the emergence of a world religion with significant fish symbolism (the symbol for Pisces).  Astrologers believe this happens because of an interlocking harmony between the heavens and earth.  Robert Hand wrote:  “the form of the physical universe evolves in a way that is parallel to the form of the psychic universe within us.”  In other words we progress through the stages of consciousness as the Ages unfold.

If we look over a great span of time, there have been at least two hundred Aquarian Ages over the last five million years.  Clearly each of them reflected the consciousness of their time.  The Neanderthals experienced a different Aquarian Age than we are or will experience.

Understanding these broad patterns helps us see what is or will be changing inside humans on this earth.  We are living at a very exciting time.  And, potentially, a very confusing time.

Aquarius is associated with the element air and with mind or thinking.  It is also associated with the collective or the group.  Symbols reflecting the rise of aviation technologies, ever taller buildings so we can work and live in the air, TV shows are broadcast “on the air.”  We connect with each other through cell phones and the internet – invisible energy that passes through the air.  I’m sure you can think of other examples in the outer world.

Inner shifts are also taking place.  We are experiencing an awakening of mind – thinking in new ways.  The separation of church and state is evidence we are disengaging our rational minds from the emotional concerns of the Piscean Age.  In Aquarius the element of air might be described as cosmic mind or cosmic rationality, rather than personal mind.  Concerns will be of the broadest kind.  The collective or the whole of global humanity will be emphasized.  While this has the potential to be positive, one of the dangers is in losing our well earned individualism and personal emotions.  Again, the ability to communicate globally through the internet is a good example of this shift.

We also have a fascination with outer space – air.  Science spends a great deal of time and money in an attempt to explore the cosmos.  The entertainment industry also is fascinated with outer space.  The recent film, Gravity, is one in a series of great movies set in outer space.  Last year’s Interstellar appears to be on its way to success.

We currently have one foot in the Piscean Age and one foot in the Aquarian Age.  Lots of change in the “air.”  This has the potential to create radically conflicting views and value systems.  Living in these changing times is similar to travelling to a foreign country.  Here’s what a travel guide to this foreign country might advise:

Take time to simply your life – cut back on the noise and chaos.  Consider getting grounded in a personal daily spiritual practice of some sort – creativity, gardening, yoga, meditation, and walks in nature.  Keep your living space alive with plants or animals.  Consider more one on one interactions with people – in person.  This may be a time of higher mind – simply be a compassionate person in your daily interactions.  Consider becoming more self reliant.  Getting off the “grid” is a sign of this urge in all of us.  The group will be emphasized in these new times.  Avoid being hypnotized by the group – consider getting off of society’s mental “grid.”  Consider learning how to control your overall “attitude” to life.  Keep sight of your personal happiness and joy.  Realize it springs from within and is not dependent on outer circumstances or the group.

Interesting times to be alive.  I wonder how each of us will blend living an authentic life, true to ourselves, with a new awareness of the collective or the group?  All swimming in the sea of technology advancing at warp speed.

The above article is taken in very large part from Sign of the Times by Ray Grasse.

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