Anger or Fear?

imagesCA0GY8E6Isn’t it amazing that we can be in the best place emotionally – happy, enjoying life – and, here comes a wave crashing down on our heads.  Someone out there in the world says or does something.  It’s kind of like they open a door and here comes the raging tiger – anger.

When that happens to me, one part of me feels and expresses the anger while another part of me sort of watches the show.  Sounds right down schizophrenic!  Actually it’s not.  And, there is always a lesson where there is anger.  I am aware enough to know that my anger really has absolutely nothing to do with the person who opened the door.  It has to do with what I see on the other side of the door.

Rather than repress emotions, acknowledging them and looking for the lesson is a healthier way to react.  In my case the door often times opens on my fear of being controlled – of not being able to live my own life.

Anger always sits on top of fear.  So, any time you are angry or if you are around others who are angry – just know there is great fear under all that anger.  The angrier a person is the more fear buried deep inside.

Once I can see the fear underneath the anger, I am on my way to learning the lesson the emotion of anger brings to me.  The goal is to deal with the fear that sort of lies in the shadow beyond the door.

Viewed from the standpoint of myth, the dragon you are to slay on your hero’s journey is most often fear.  Some are hidden deep in caves.  Some under the water.  Usually they require an adventure to find and slay.

What is the fear behind your anger – the dragon you are to slay?



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2 Responses to Anger or Fear?

  1. Julianna says:

    So true…fear IS the core of anger. Of so many things. There must be a lot of “fear” in the air, because your’s in the third I’ve come across today looking through my Spirituality tags. In case this is of interest, check out this interview/conversation that’s based on opening our hearts – because it feels so good, but an added byproduct is that it dissolves fear.

  2. mountainpat says:

    Thanks for your comment. The need to control comes from not feeling safe. If I have the illusion I am in control, I feel safe. “Control freaks” usually feel very insecure deep down inside.

    I believe that is true of individuals, as well groups or societies.

    And, control is always an illusion.

    Free will is a choice. So long as each of us choose to be responsible – walk the path that’s true for us – know who we are and what we want – we are free.

    Thanks again for your comment.

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