Listen To Your Imagination

images96K15C12Lots of people believe with the coming of the Age of Aquarius – the age of the common woman/man – that many of us will sort of spontaneously shift into a place of living from what we might name imagination, or attunement, or a higher vibratory place.

I read somewhere along the way imagination is the voice of spirit/source/universal energy/god.  Children live in an imaginary world a lot.  As we age, we forget to “just imagine.”  If you stop for a minute and think about it – all original thought comes from imagination.  Now, where does imagination come from?  Where do all the original thoughts that have ever been thought come from?

Artists and creators have learned to listen to their imagination, or to become it, or to get lost in it.  Time falls away.  I and lots of people I’ve spoken with have had the experience of creating something and not really having a clue where it came from.  I’ve looked at a painting or something I’ve written and was sort of blown away by what I saw.  I knew some energy other than my normal every day awareness was with me on those days.  The magic happens when I get out of the way.  What or who is there when I’m not?

I agree with the theory that our physical brains are more receivers of information – like a television with lots of stations.  I can tune my TV in to lots of different broadcasts.  And, those broadcasts are coming through the air – actually, they are energy bursts projected into space to a satellite and then sort of bounced back to a receiver in my yard that sends the energy signal to my TV receiver.

I have a suspicion that the model for the way all the occult or hidden things work is always right in front of us.

So, it seems logical to me that my brain receives energy signals broadcast from somewhere just like my TV does.  I think I have a clue about how I can tune in so that I can imagine.  The big question is who or what is doing the broadcasting?


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