Will You Ever Have Enough?

Astro[1]Years ago I was talking to a man who, from my perspective, was very wealthy.  He was talking about his life as though he didn’t have enough.  He was accustomed to living in a style that was far above my style of living at the time and probably way above most humans on this planet – and, the guy didn’t think he had enough.  At the time he wanted his own private jet and couldn’t afford it.

That conversation taught me a lot.  Back then I was working – getting ahead in life – paying for a home and a car and all the stuff I thought I needed.  It occurred to me that I was going down the road and I had no idea when I would be “there.”  So, I took some time and gave some serious thought to “how much is enough” – when will I know when I’m “there?”

I believe until we can each answer that basic question we are sort of restless or discontented.  Who knows, maybe you’re already “there” and just don’t know it? Our life here in the west is so programmed for more – the whole materiality issue.

Will you ever get “there” or will you just continue on the road indefinitely?  Will you ever feel as though you have “enough?”


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