170302main_image_feature_ys_768_full[1]We each have beliefs which color the worldview we have constructed over our time here.  The roots or foundation upon which our beliefs sit are most likely those of our parents or early caregivers.  If they saw the world as filled with scarcity, we are likely to see it the same way.  Or, if for them, life was one big party, then we may see partying as a way of life.

The problem is we are all different.  Some children are very similar to their parents.  I can easily see the similar gifts and challenges when I look at the natal charts in families.  It’s pretty amazing actually.  Even with similarities we are all still very different individuals.  And, some children are so different from their parents they feel like they came from another planet!  I can relate to that one.

Each generation has its generational lessons to learn and challenges to work out.  In working out how to deal with their lives, our parents formed certain beliefs.  We are from a different time.  Not them.  And, most likely, we are very different people.  So what happens when a child takes on the beliefs of their parents?  Or, of their parents’ generation.

Well, for starters, evolution stops dead in its tracks.  We each, as individuals, and as a member of our generation, have the ability to help all of humanity rise to a new level.  Imagine living in the Middle Ages.  What we might call cruelty today was commonplace.  The Church reigned supreme and human life was not thought to mean much.  So, you see, life here on Earth is evolving.  We are becoming a saner, more loving, compassionate people.  Yes, I know, there are still many places and people who have not yet seen the light.  They will.

Back to us.  I think it’s important to realize the beliefs that were appropriate for our parents many not be at all appropriate for us – right here – right now.   They weren’t wrong – simply living in their time as best they could.

Consider taking a moment and writing down your parents’ beliefs.  The ones you think are good and the ones you think are nuts.  Now ask yourself which of those beliefs you still carry in you?  Are you your own person, really?  Have you ever stopped to consider your basic beliefs fuel your entire life?

The terrible twos and the teenage years are classic rebellious times.  And, there is a purpose for that rebellion.  We are separating from our parents.  Testing out who we might be as individuals.  Putting together our own belief systems.   I wonder if children were encouraged in their search for individuality in this way – would the more destructive rebellion be necessary.

Again, back to us.  I also wonder if we were “that teenager” who rebelled in alcohol, drugs, and general partying, if we were rebelling at all.  Underneath it all were we afraid to discover who we really are, to rebel against the beliefs of our parents and form our own? Do we still carry their beliefs to this day?  Have we evolved at all?


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One Response to Beliefs

  1. Anonymous says:

    My dearest friend…I feel this post was written just for me…thank you being so insightful, kind and yet stern in your guidance. Endless gratitude and love, Kim

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