Say Something

tumblr_mz20s0Aviq1t0v7wdo2_500[1]“If you don’t plant the seeds, nothing will grow.”  I also read recently something to the effect “if you’re in the dark and want to move to the light, the first few steps will be in the darkness.”  Sounds like courage. Years ago Nike had a slogan, “Just do it!”  Kind of all getting at the same thing.  If you want to win the lottery, your chances will be greatly enhanced if you buy a ticket.

Action.  Do something.  Say something.  Relationships can drift along and sometimes have difficulties because one or both people just don’t talk.  It takes great courage to go inside, see ourselves clearly and open to the other.  This is who I am.  This is what I need.

I love the song, Say Something, by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera.  You can see the YouTube here.  How many people in troubled relationships would find love between them again or true peace in walking away, if both simply found their courage and talked from their heart and soul?  Action.  Do something.  Stay or walk.  Either way it’s important to take those first few steps in the darkness so you can move into the light of understanding.

Maybe the true light is in understanding yourself.  Or, in opening your heart to the other and realizing there are two people in a relationship, not just you. Or, in seeing the other clearly and seeing their version of love is not nourishing you.  We often enter relationships with a real person and a pretend person.  A dream lover!  When the dream is shattered and the real person stands before us, it can be painful beyond reason.

Most wisdom teachings say our time here is a journey to wholeness.  Joseph Campbell called it the hero’s journey.  Astrology, myth, fairy tales, current music, film and surely most artists present us with vivid portrayals of our lives here on Earth.  Unconditional love and oneness.  Great pain and oneness.  Through it all we simply, consciously or not, keep moving to the light.


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