Saturn in Sagittarius – Time to Walk Our Talk


We astrologers feel the planet Saturn brings us maturity and ultimately freedom.  Many of the lessons we encounter in life are during a transit of Saturn to one of our natal planets.  Saturn is in each zodiac sign for approximately 2 1/2 years.  When it changes signs, as it is doing now, it’s as though we’ve signed up for a new class.

Saturn is in Sagittarius now (March, 2015).  It will go retrograde back into Scorpio in June, 2015.  In September, 2015 it will return to Sagittarius where it will stay until December, 2017.  So, we are in a transition time.

Saturn asks us to take responsibility for ourselves.  While Saturn is in Sagittarius we will begin asking the big questions:  Who am I?  What are my beliefs?  What are my values?  Are my beliefs my own or have I been “programmed” by parents or society?  It may be a time of letting go – of old attitudes, habits, beliefs that no longer serve you. We will be called to become more authentic – more of who we really are inside.

We will likely seek true knowledge, wisdom, and meaning.  And, we will take our time getting there – a slow, patient journey.  Sagittarius wants us to see the big picture, Saturn asks us to ground all those big ideas in the real world.  We are asked to walk our talk.

We may initially feel held back on our journey of discovery.  Or, we may not feel free in our desire to share our true beliefs with others.  The purpose is to give us time to work it all out – to stand solidly and confidently on new ground.

Sagittarius is associated with philosophy and religion.  We may have a desire to impose our beliefs or values on others.  With Saturn here, that won’t work.  If we go this route, we will quickly be shown each person has the right to see the world in their own unique way – Saturn has a way of getting our attention.  It will be interesting to see how traditional, organized religion changes during this Saturn transit.

Education may become important to some during this time.  Beginning or finishing a course of study, or updating knowledge in some way.  Or, we may ask ourselves if any of that matters at all!  Or, we may look for ways to share our knowledge or philosophies.

“Freedom” could be a mantra for free and easy Sagittarius.  Saturn is about structure and commitment.  So some may feel limited or held back while Saturn transits here.  Used wisely this is a time for slowing down and deciding what we truly believe and what we don’t.   Remember “freedom” is not about running away and escaping responsibility – it’s the reward for living authentically and responsibly.


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