Life Is Uncertain

images[5]“Life is uncertain – eat dessert first.”  This quote is attributed to Ernestine Ulmer (1892-1987), a little known writer.  I was talking with a good friend about the uncertainty of life and this quote came to mind.

We can easily live our lives believing we are in control.  We’re not.  It’s an illusion.  An illusion we can spend a great deal of energy constructing and perpetuating.  No matter – control is an illusion.  I don’t control you and you don’t control me.  I also don’t control what’s going to happen in my life in the next instant.  Or, what’s going to happen in the lives of the people I love.

We each have free will – we are Choosers.  That’s true.  What’s also true is – the universe, source, the creator, the field, destiny, our soul’s path – brings us lessons to learn.  We are the Choosers – our soul chose the lessons we are here to learn – sort of like signing up to take a class.  Now, our ego sometimes puts up a defense against the lesson our soul has chosen as a learning.  We may choose not to step into the learning that’s before us – like not showing up for class or not studying for the test.

That might work for a while.  The problem is the same lesson keeps presenting itself to us.  In ever more intense ways.  It’s kind of like the universe is at first nudging us and then will ultimately kick us in the behind and stomp on us if that’s what it takes to get our attention on any given lesson.  So, we learn the lesson when it’s small or when it’s gigantic – we are the Chooser. And, we are the student.

“Life is uncertain – eat dessert first” means learn the lesson when its small – “the dessert” – the freedom that comes from becoming a little more aware – a little more conscious – about me and my choices and how I’m living my life.  What’s really important to me? Am I free or programmed?  Am I doing what I want?  Do I know what I want?  Do I know who I am?

The uncertainty of life can be frightening or invigorating.   How totally boring if we could predict everything that is going to happen in our lives.  Let go of the illusion of control.  Take a deep breath and see what wants to happen in your life.  You may be surprised at how incredibly easy life is – “the dessert” is always right in front of us.


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