Become What You Are!

timthumb[1]“Become what you are!” – Dennis Elwell

Life is a journey with no destination.  We never get there – we are always becoming. Whether we are 90 days or 90 years old, the basic process is the same.  A joyous search for who we really are inside – right now, in this moment.

The Spring Equinox, when the days and nights are equal and when the Sun moves into Aries is Friday, March 20 – Ostara in the ancient, pagan traditions.  Most of the myths speak of the gods or goddess making trips to the underworld or land of the dead (the winter, dark months) where they struggle in some way.  When they do eventually return to the world of the living (the Spring Equinox), they are renewed and live a new, lighter, wiser life.  These old myths speak of the cycles of life, both literal and metaphorical.  Birth – Death – Rebirth in a never ending circle.  Or, maybe a spiral.  At each turn of the wheel, we arrive at the same place changed in some way and the journey of becoming continues.

In our modern, contemporary society these ideas seem foreign.  Of course I’m going to get there!  Why am I doing all this work?  Buying a house?  Exercising, dieting?  Getting married?  Having children?  Saving for retirement? I know that one day I’m going to be there.  Actually, you’re not.  You may get there as defined by our materialistic society.  You may have a gorgeous, healthy body – have the perfect partner and children – a fantastic house and car and lots of money in the bank.  It doesn’t matter.  The journey with no destination continues.

Spring – renewal – another turning of the wheel. What seeds inside are ready to sprout and bloom?  What has your inner voice been whispering?  Where is your heart?  What does your intuition have to say?  Listen and you will be on your way to “become what you are!”


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2 Responses to Become What You Are!

  1. Julene Roberts says:

    Bravo re your piece on “The Wheel of the Year.” I needed to “hear” that! 😉

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