When Time Disappears

images2XQBWKKOWhere is the passion in your life?  What is your unique talent – your unique way to express your special gifts?  You know when you are in this place – this groove – this flow.  You are energized – happy – time disappears.

Sort of a by-product of spending time following your passion is you are actually experiencing life beyond the ego – you’re more in what might be called a spiritual place – your true self gets to come out and play.  These activities will also result in a sharper, more active mind.

For the most part when we are following our passion (like me writing this post today) we are also helping someone else in some way.  An artist may not be thinking of helping someone when they paint, write, act, play an instrument or sing.  Art in its many forms is a great help to humanity.  It takes us to a new place – we get to visit other realms, other dimensions – through the imagination of the artist.  Everybody wins big time.

Passion comes in many forms, not just art.  I believe passion is closely linked to imagination, creativity, intuition.  So, any time you are in a place where you are imagining, you are pretty close to passion.  You get excited over your new idea or thought.  It’s also just plain fun.

Albert Einstein:  “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” I couldn’t agree more.  I think we imagine our own life’s “coming attractions.”

What are you passionate about today?  Where does your imagination take you?  When does time disappear?


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2 Responses to When Time Disappears

  1. Julene Roberts says:


  2. Twoinahead says:

    I love when time disappears. It feels like a minute has passed, yet it’s now 6 hours later. My imagination takes me to a place where there are no limits, no longer bogged down by human emotions. Anything is possible. Time disappears for me when I am writing x

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