Get Up Stand Up

images[6]“Get up, stand up for your right.  Get up, stand up don’t give up the fight.”

I love this Bob Marley song from the 70s.  You can see a rendition by Playing for Change on YouTube here.  Some believe the lyrics were basically about the fight for acceptance of Marley’s Rastafarian religion and the need to take action to avoid oppression.  Others believe it had a broader meaning, suggesting hanging on to freedom of thought rather than the words of religious leaders.  To me it has an even a broader meaning.

I recently was placed in a position where I had to “get up, stand up” and this song has been running through my thoughts ever since. I felt I was not being treated fairly.  I could have chosen to roll over and go along, but I didn’t. It wasn’t a big deal in the scope of all of life.

However, somehow that simple act of standing up was a big deal.  How often do we go along, keep the peace, allow someone else to dictate to us even though we know in our heart of hearts they are not playing fairly?

So, today, I stand a little straighter, feel a little more confident, and a whole lot more authentic.  Here I am standing up for my rights.  It feels great.  You might want to give it a try!


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2 Responses to Get Up Stand Up

  1. There’s a Hindi song ‘Sadda Haq, Etthe Rakh’ roughly means ‘My rights, keep them here’. Really inspiring.
    Our society needs such motivational pills or else we’ll be ruined by our own humanity. The oppresses sometimes may not know their guilt, we need to open their eyes.
    People should share their opinions, however extreme they may be non-violently. That’s the essence of humanity.

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