What Is The Story Of Your Life?

Paradise_1024[1]Did you ever stop to ask yourself that question?  Pretend you are writing a novel and you are the central character.  As you develop this character in your novel, you have to sit and think about who this character is.

Is your hero or heroine on a quest to understand life?  Or, maybe, escaping from life and experiencing the challenges of that path?  Maybe your life is all about fun – no matter the consequences.  Are you alone in your story?  If you have friends, are they genuine or do you each hold your real selves inside – no real intimacy?

What kind of adventures do you seek?  How will you learn?  Think about Luke Skywalker – you might use that character as an example of the richness needed to do a good job of character development and of a story where lessons are learned and obstacles overcome.

Who are you?  What do you believe?  What are your passions?  Who do you love?  How do you spend your time? What chances do you take?  How important is it to be safe?  To be accepted?

What walls have you built around yourself?  Do you realize that beyond those walls lies infinite potential?  Do you only let certain aspects of your reality into your conscious mind?  Is your character’s life programmed – like characters in the movie, The Matrix?  Or, are you free?

It’s your story – and you are choosing how it will unfold with every thought, word and action.  Pure magic!


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