Fanning Your Flames

imagesCA2JX99O“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames” – Rumi

Isn’t it the greatest feeling in the world to be with like-minded souls?  Others who share your interests, the ideas are coming so fast you are both talking at the same time.  Time either stands still or goes so fast hours pass in what seems like minutes.  You are giddy, high on life.  Or, someone who shares your sense of adventure.  Climbing Mt. Everest – oh yea!  Diving for buried treasure – absolutely.  No questions, no serious thinking about it all – let’s just simply go!  We feel so alive.  Life is magic.

Rumi says to “seek those who fan our flames.”  I think it’s important to look around our lives from time to time.  How much time are we spending with others who not only don’t fan our flames, they actually bring us down?

If we are living a truly authentic life, we are changing constantly.  Nothing alive and healthy stays the same.  As we change and as others change, we may drift apart.  Our interests are no longer aligned.  Or, our value systems are now different.  A myriad of reasons.  Realize the person who “set your life on fire” yesterday may be pouring water on those same flames today.

Honor and be thankful for what was and have the courage to move on.  You both win.


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