Getting Out of the Way

DarknessandLight[1]I am beginning to see more clearly that it’s really important I get out of my own way.  I’m in the very beginning stages of building a new home.  Everything about this new home so far – finding the plan, contractor, excavator, dowser to locate a well, settling on all the money issues – everything has just fallen in place with almost no extra effort on my part.  Early in the process I consciously decided to step back, let go, trust.  A new way for me to approach a major business matter.  It’s been an experiment of sorts.

I’ve pretty much lived in two worlds.  When it came to practical, business matters, my logical, rational – sometimes fearful – mind kicked in high gear.  I have an MBA degree and was a business woman for many years.  So, it has been part of who I am to approach that aspect of my life with all the tools I’d learned over the years.  I had a plan – with action steps – prioritized – and goals – lots of goals.  That way works.  Or, at least it worked for me.  I began to wonder if that was the only way – or the best way for me?

The other world I’ve lived in for many, many years is a mystical, magical world.  One in which everything is energy – including my thoughts.  A world where I seek oneness with you and all life.  An old hippie!  Actually, I didn’t have the opportunity to be a young hippie, so I’m making up for lost time in my later years.  In retirement I’ve been able to live in this magical world a lot.  Except when it came to business matters and my other, practical self was front and center.

So, back to my new home.  Every day of my new approach to the business of building a home is an awesome gift.  It’s just so easy.  I seriously wonder if all my business thoughts in the past – checking and double checking, planning, scheduling, verifying – were harming rather than helping my efforts.  In retrospect I am convinced I was in my own way – and, in the way of the Universal flow of life.  Rather than a facilitator, I may have been blocking all the unseen helpers who were standing ready to make the whole thing easy.  And, of course, they are helpers.  I have to do my part.  It’s finding that balance point that’s the trick.  And, not just in building a house.  In all of life.

So, stay tuned.  The footers were poured yesterday.


Note:  I have no idea who or what the unseen helpers are, I just know they are there.  Don’t you?

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2 Responses to Getting Out of the Way

  1. Julene Reese Roberts says:

    Ahhhhhh. I LOVE this piece. Now I “get it” why building houses was always such a joyful time for me. I almost completely relaxed into right brain creativity, with energy flowing and joy. Have fun!

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