Being Love

Heart%20Sm[1]“You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing.  You don’t have to do anything to earn it.” – Ram Dass

Here in the West we mostly view love as emotional love.  Emotional love is a verb:  “I love you – do you love me?”  It is based on external gratification – having our love reflected back to us.  We feel safe, affirmed, when we feel “loved” by the other.  That’s why we keep needing more love.  We believe it is outside of us and comes to us from another person.

Love is really a state of being.  We are love.  It is where we all come from and where we are all yearning to return.  The irony is we already are what we seek.  Love is inside us.  No need to seek it outside.

Did you ever stop to consider you can shine the love that you are out into the world whether or not there is a special person in your life?   Simply being love feels good.

Love is where we all connect as human beings.  It’s Oneness.  Back to emotional love.  I may not necessarily love the personality (constructed self) of each person I meet.  And, yet, I do love them at the level of their essential being because that’s my essential being, too.  This is the soul level of existence.  Soul is based in love.

Soul, not ego.  Nothing wrong with ego or personality – we construct it from our life experiences to help us negotiate our journey here and to feel safe.  Much of our ego is based in fear.  The problem comes in when we over identify with our ego.  We come to believe that’s who we are.  We become attached to the ego’s longings – our thoughts.

The Buddhists teach nonattachment – to our thoughts – to our ego.  The first step in the process is to develop the witness inside.   Over our lives we have thousands of “me’s” in here.  They come and go.  There is only one witness, that part of you is separate from the ego and watches the ego show – like watching a movie of your life as it is unfolding.  It is a part of your soul – get to know the witness.  Once you can live in this witness place more and more your identification with your roles loosens and you begin to feel – to know – the love that you are.  Your real state of being.  Loving Awareness.

You dissolve into love and your ego begins to fade.  You radiate love into the world.

It all sounds very lofty, spiritual, new agey – right?  Viewed one way I guess it is.  Viewed another way it’s simply life and the choices we make every day.  Do you choose to follow your drunken monkey mind every place it wants to go or do you choose to be present in your own life?  We are choosers.  Every nano second of every day of our lives.  If you opt out of choosing – that’s a choice too.  You are choosing not to be responsible for your own life.  I’m always amazed we humans sometimes work very hard to give all our power away.  Do we want to stay perpetual children, always looking for Daddy and Mommy?  I don’t know the answer to that one.

Or, we can choose the path of love – who we each are.  Simply being love – loving – with no desire for our love to be reflected or returned.  Knowing we are a limitless source of love.  And, it just feels good!  Plus, I believe it’s the basis for peace on earth.  Peace in our loving hearts.


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