It’s Your Story

Black_hole_WD_by_hmn[1]We participate in life as it unfolds.  Consciously or unconsciously.  As I look at the astrological charts of my clients, I see change.  You don’t need to look at an astrology chart to know this journey is nothing but change.  Problem is many of us are very resistant to change – we attempt to hold on to what has passed on by.  That attempt to hold on doesn’t work and can make our bodies sick.

If you can accept this new chapter in your own story, this acceptance enables you to begin to think about where in your life you would like this change to occur.   What area of your life would be helped by being transformed?  Which parts of your life are stuck or blocked?  Then, take a real action, which for you is the essence of the changes you want.

Once you engage changes in your life, welcome them and participate with what comes your way.  You may notice small coincidences that can help you on your way.  It’s as though when you participate in change with the cosmos, it seems to “talk back” to you – to help you on your way.  It helps to tune in to these small events – act on them.  You begin to create an energy pathway and more help will arrive.

Life is change.  And, easy.  Once we choose to participate with change rather than push against it, our journey flows before us.  We are consciously creating our own story.


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