Life or Death – What Do You Choose?[1]Sounds ridiculous – right?  That we would choose death.  I’m not talking about someone consciously contemplating suicide.  Nor am I speaking of someone who is in great pain, emotional or physical, in the final hours of life.  I’m thinking of us.  You and me.  In our everyday life.

I believe our minds shape our bodies.  Mind and body are one system.  No separation.  If we abuse our bodies through unhealthy lifestyle practices – those choices begin with a thought or a belief.  Some are conscious. Some are not.  We choose – everything.

It seems to me where most of us get in trouble is either because we don’t want to take responsibility for our own lives or we don’t have the courage to act in a way we know in our heart of hearts is best for us.  Sometimes that’s all the same thing.

Why would you not want to take responsibility for your own life?  Why would you want to give the other responsibility for your life?  Those are really important questions.  I have no idea what your answers are.  Some I’ve heard from clients are – I don’t think I can do it right – it’s easier not to take responsibility – I don’t want to deal with it – let someone else screw up, not my fault – I’m sure you can fill in the rest.  Problem with this approach is when you give someone else responsibility for your life, they will always do it wrong.  You will be more or less angry with them all the time.  They cannot possibly live your life for you.  Only you can do that.

Courage.  To say what’s true for me.  To hold beliefs that are true for me.  To live in a way that is nurturing to me.  Life is like floating down a summer stream on a clear breezy day when we find our courage.  When we live in our power.

Why do we think it’s easier to say yes when we mean no?  The repercussions are predictable and far more difficult than just saying what’s true for you in the first place.  I say yes to a friend when I really don’t want to do what’s asked of me.  Somehow in some way I’ll punish my friend at some point down the road.  You see.  All that energy inside you that’s screaming “NO!” has to go somewhere.  It may recede, but it doesn’t disappear.  It will make you sick.  And, it will manipulate you into acting in a way that retaliates for not being authentic in the original moment.  Many of life’s dramas begin here.  Many of our illnesses begin here.

Which brings me to death.  And, living.  If we spend enough years or decades not living authentically sooner or later our bodies are going to reflect that unlived energy back to us as illness.  When we live each day standing in our power, joyful, greeting the day with enthusiasm, happy to be alive, grateful for the earth and our lives – our bodies reflect that back to us as fantastic health.

So, you see – you are choosing life or death with each choice you make every day.  Does that sound morbid to you or freeing?  Your life, your choices, your responsibility, your power.  What do you choose?


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