Have We Lost The Moon?

SpringFullMoon2012-Final-net[1]The Sun and the Moon are in a constant dance as we look to the heavens. Most of us aren’t aware of where on the horizon the Sun rises and sets each day. Nor are we aware of the phase the Moon is in on any given day. Our ancestors were acutely aware of these movements. They lived their lives by them. That knowledge is still in each of us. Dormant maybe, but there. Astrology and pagan thought teach us the value of tuning into these cycles. I’ll talk more about them in a future post.

We are fascinated by the cosmos and the discovery of ever distant phenomena. Yet, we seem to have forgotten the mysteries of our own Earth and the energies in play as the Sun and Moon cycle around us.

Astrologers view the Moon as a symbol for feelings – it resonates with our emotional bodies.   The Moon is a much richer and deeper energy than simply feelings. What do you know in your bones? What does your intuition say? What do you know by the light of the Moon that you cannot know by sunlight? Somehow the Moon helps us know we are a magical being living in a magical world. If you think that sentence is a bit too far out there. Think about it a minute. Have you ever spent time alone on a night illuminated by a Full Moon? Just you, nature and the moonlight? It is otherworldly. Almost like we have tuned into a part of ourselves we don’t normally experience.

We do have a second center of perception. It is as important as our daily deductive, objective reasoning self. This second, intuitive part of us resonates with magic and wonder. It is the natural mystic in all of us – our Moon.

One of the big shifts occurring right now is we are all reclaiming our Moon. As some of our old paradigms or worldviews die we are beginning to see things that have always been there. We are seeing our world in its fullness. A new way of being human is emerging. As with all big shifts, it isn’t happening quickly and can seem scary at times since we find ourselves in new territory. We are also filled with the joy of discovery and the sheer mystery, magic and wonder of life.

And, the Moon is rightly associated with feelings and emotions. We human beings are capable of feeling love, fear, hate, joy, self-pity, generosity, vengeance, shyness, humor, dullness, despair, triumph – and many more you can add. These feelings and emotions make us who we are as women and men. The Moon – rich territory.

We also “get feelings” when the spirit world enters this material world. We somehow know that existence continues after death of this physical body. We can feel a presence – Goddess, God, Creator, Source, your own word. We feel when someone will become a dear friend or lover thirty seconds after meeting them. We ask ourselves deep questions about life – answers come to us. We might create – a song – a poem – a book – a solution to a problem. And, we have no idea where it all came from. Where did it come from? The part of you that knows what I’m talking about is called the Moon. She is always with you – tune in – you might be surprised how easy life becomes.


Note:  Taken in part from The Book of the Moon by Steven Forrest

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