The Unseen

tumblr_n9pr7nk4EC1sknuc2o1_500[1]The Occult – the unseen, hidden, secret, paranormal – well, maybe? Many of us are interested in the occult. To me it’s more about studying a deeper, spiritual reality. Studying things that can’t be measured, the things hard core science may not acknowledge as real. The unseen, the mysteries of life. And, yet, aspects of our human existence that seem real.

Electricity was discovered in 1600 by William Gilbert. Well, actually he did a careful study of electricity. Texts have been found dating back to 2750 BC where fish emitting electric shocks were studied. And, there is always lightning – it’s been around for a while. Work to understand electricity continued in the 18th and 19th centuries. We now know a lot of the properties of electricity and it is surely an integral part of our lives. We take for granted that it is measurable and real. Yet, we still don’t know what it or magnetism are. So, I suppose you could put it in the category of the Occult?

You see? Until we can explain or see something we label it as out there, new age nonsense, woo woo. Now, like electricity, once it can been explained it fits into our material view of the world. Always remember electricity and magnetism. We have absolutely no idea what they are. Same for gravity, what beats my heart – and yours – and what breathes me – and you. There is a lot of unseen, unexplainable very important stuff going on!

It has been important to me and my journey of discovery to keep an open mind and to consider all teachings, especially ancient ones. I have found great wisdom in astrology, shamanism, paganism and the ancient oracles. Maybe we are living in some sort of energy field which is the mechanism through which all of these unseen and yet powerful teachings work?   Serious science doesn’t much study these areas. They so far have concentrated pretty much exclusively on the material world. I expect that will change radically in the next few years.

We live in a material reality and an unseen, spiritual one. The original duality. Think how magical our lives would be if we learned to accept the unseen as real. To walk in both worlds as one.


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