The Unnamable[1]God, Higher Self, Divine, Yahweh, Brahma, Higher Power, Allah, Divine Feminine, Holy Spirit, Divine Mother, and many others you can add to the list. I found a web site that listed 114 contemporary names for the Unnamable.

Here in the West many of us prefer the word God. Even among the group who agree “God” is the proper word, the image or definition or experience they each have of God is wildly different. To some God the Father is a white man with a beard sitting on a cloud in heaven looking down on us poor sinful humans and orchestrating our individual lives and the wider trends here on earth. He is in charge.

In the other extreme, I suppose are people who don’t believe there is any sort of higher power at all. Their views win the prize for a simple philosophy.

Still others somewhere in between these two extremes believe in a Force – Energy – neutral. Neither male nor female. Permeating everywhere, everywhen and everything. We are that Energy and all around us is that Energy. Our soul’s intentions interact with this divine energy and by doing so we create our lives. No sin. No Devil. Just souls making choices – and, living with the consequences of those choices.

Clearly, I could write pages about all the various beliefs we humans currently hold in our attempt to explain the Unnamable.

We each have our own mystical, miraculous experiences every day. They are just as valid as the saints of old and we are free to interpret those experiences in our own way. No right or wrong – simply our way. We form our individual beliefs – hopefully based on those personal experiences.

So, what name do you give the Unnamable? Is He your Father? Is She your Mother? How much responsibility for your life to you give away? How much do you accept? Are you waiting for Heaven – the Rapture? Or, are you living in fear of Everlasting Hell? Maybe you wonder what your next incarnation – your next life will be? Or, simply looking forward to or dreading an everlasting rest? Or, do you believe when you’re dead – well, you’re just dead? Or, are you dancing with the Energy of the Unnamable Force? Living this life, this moment? Creating – discovering – loving?

No right or wrong way. Simply our way – unique to each of us.


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3 Responses to The Unnamable

  1. mildalove says:

  2. thevioletknight says:

    This is a really interesting post. I have a strong connection with the God as a holy being who loves and cares for each individual, but at the same time there are multiple perspectives and interpretations that resonate with me – ex. God as a powerful figure as well as God as energy or force. Personally I think it makes sense that if the Unnamable is as powerful/almighty/divine as we believe, it may very well exists as a flurry of “contradictions” – who is to say God is a figure and not a force? Why not both? God is God, after all 😉

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – Thanks for your comments. Yes, I feel we each sort of work out what the Unnamable means to us personally. Lots of different experiences lead us in the exact right direction for us. In a way its a sign of the Age of Aquarius – each of us expressing our own authentic self within a culture that respects difference. Love, Pat

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