Falling or Flying?

a892af59179f7f54336a4dd1fe14e4c0[1]Did you ever watch baby birds in the nest? At first they are all snuggled in together – they look really comfortable. Parents are feeding them. A safe little world. At some point they become curious and want to explore. Did you know most of them leave the nest even though they can’t fly yet or eat on their own?

Their first flight is really more of a fall. They hop around on the ground and call to their parents to be fed. It takes them a few days to learn to fly up to low branches and it takes about two weeks for them to learn to feed themselves. Another two weeks and they are off on their own.

Any time we follow our heart’s desire to live more authentically we are in the territory of the baby bird leaving the nest. My life recently has felt like that. No longer in the nest – out here in the world exploring new territory.

I guess just like a baby bird I know I’m learning something really important. Maybe the reason I’m here. I fell from the nest for sure. I’ve learned to feed myself and fly to the lower branches. Any day now I’ll be able to soar!

How curious are you to explore your world? Is it time to leave the nest?


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