bacd909f1e1ee2fb0ca3b7a2ce8e50fe[1]“Half the time you think you’re thinking you’re actually listening” – Terence McKenna

Imagination. Soul. Did you ever wonder where imagination comes from? Could we be listening to our own soul or the world soul? Are we receptors – a channel through which the goddess, god, universe, divine speaks to us?

Did you ever find yourself in a crowded room with a lot of people talking? Maybe a party. Bits of many conversations drift your way. If you are with a group of like-minded souls, it can be comforting and you can actually fit those bits into your own views. If in foreign territory, it can make you feel uneasy – confirmation you are out of your comfort zone. A friend walks up and you begin a conversation. You are listening intently and interacting.

Imagination is a lot like that. When we are consciously tuned in and having a conversation – listening and talking – those are the sweet moments – the breakthroughs. We write the best music or poems or stories. Or, we solve the unsolvable problem.   Perhaps we love in a way deeper than we dreamed possible. We are listening and talking – engaged – active.

At other times it’s more like the party chatter – bits of insight – some of it familiar and comforting – some foreign and disturbing. We are listening here, too. Just not as consciously. Often it all drifts by – sort of like music playing in the background of life.

Either way, something mysterious is happening. Something we don’t understand at all. I keep wondering – if I am the receiver – the listener – who is the sender?


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  2. Exceptional! Well Done!

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