Embracing Change

images832EHP94Adapting to change has a lot to do with how well we navigate these waters of life.  The Sun, Moon and planets above us are in constant motion – so is the Earth – a Cosmic dance.  The Earth travels about 18 miles a second.  The Sun is actually pulling all of us along on his journey around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, a 250 million year trip.  We are on a constant, very fast journey – every second of every day.

And, yet many of us fear change.  We live in a Universe that is nothing but change.  The Earth herself is constantly changing.  Fall is just beginning where I live.  Leaves are beginning to show their brilliant colors, the air is cooler and fresher somehow.  The heat and frenzy of summer is fading away.  We know the cold days of winter are on the way.  Change.  The Cosmos and the Earth – both holding up models.

I wonder how much easier life would be for us, how much more joyful, peaceful, love-filled and fun if we simply accepted the cycles of our own lives as easily as we accept the cycles within which we live?

Years pass, we are no longer as young as we were – new seasons inside.  Do you accept, celebrate and live as love and joy in each new season or not?  Life is a continual adventure, each day filled with new possibilities inherent in that day only.  It’s fun to be alive when we embrace life as it is – not as we wish it were. When we accept change as part of the journey here.

Learning to let go of the past is a critically important life skill.  Sometimes we feel wronged in the past and keep it all alive in our thoughts, emotions and words.  Or, we feel we wronged another and keep guilt alive.  Often we lived an era of near perfection – Camelot – and we have great difficulty letting go of the dream we were fortunate enough to live for a while and which has been gone for a long time.  No matter what forms the past has taken in your own life – it’s over.  Time to consider letting it all go.  It’s absolutely impossible to live today fully, if you are holding onto the past.

Embracing each day right where we are – inside and outside – is one of the keys to happiness.  Gratitude for what is – right here – right now.  Now – all we have ever had or ever will have.



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2 Responses to Embracing Change

  1. NeuronTree says:

    I find it interesting as well the amount of animosity towards change. It’s like going against the current. You can fight it, but at the end of the day, it’s still stronger than you and will pull you along. I think people just fear the unknown. Sometimes they find that sweet spot, that secret formula that keeps things the way they need or like, and the idea of change seems to bring about an equal gamble between making it even better, or ruining it forever. But I do agree, embrace it and see where the river will take you.

    • mountainpat says:

      Hey – Especially at the times of the year when the seasons change, we all seem to be pulled to shed the old and cycle with the seasons. Its a natural part of life. As you say, embrace it and see where it will take us. Thanks for reading and for your comment. Love, Pat

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