It’s Fall!!

fall-cleanse[1]Fall is beginning where I live – my favorite time of year.  I love the smell of new fallen leaves, cooler weather, clear, crisp air and all the beautiful colors.  Now that I’m retired I can live in harmony with the changing seasons.  Fall is the time to let go and prepare for the winter’s rest.  Isn’t it odd that the busiest time of year for people in our society is the holiday season?  A time of natural rest.  Maybe that’s why so many find it stressful?

Outside my window are lots of trees.  It occurred to me what great teachers they are.  They have their roots deep in mother earth – grounded – even through the harshest weather.  Their trunks are strong and healthy and their branches and leaves reach for the stars – ever growing to the light. The models of how to live a magical life are all around us.

We are in a symbiotic relationship to trees.  Without them we would die – they humbly take in our used air and transform it into air that is nourishing for all beings.  In a way we breathe together. Don’t worry, this isn’t a tree hugger post.  Although I do like to hug trees – it just feels so good – try it, the energy is awesome.

Consider what it would be like to live close to the earth, in tune with all the seasons, riding the natural waves of energy as they shift throughout the year.  Now ask yourself how far away you are from that natural rhythm.  Are you even aware there is a natural rhythm?

I wonder if the quality or condition of our personal health – mental and physical, the sanity of our society and our world has anything at all to do with our distance from the natural cycles within which we live?  We sort of ignore mother earth and the lessons she places before us every day.

Something to ponder as I sit here watching the falling leaves outside my window.


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